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Meg DeMarsh ’19 and Story Schwantes ’19 were randomly-assigned first-year roommates, and they have remained friends since. They started this column with the hope to explore the retrospective narratives of seniors and their first-year roommates: the shenanigans, the love, and everything in between. 

Ines Siepman, also called Een, and Kendall Stoetzer, also called “Wall-e,” have been roommates all four years of college. During their first year, they were randomly assigned to each other and lived in a Mathias double. 

The Catalyst: Can you talk about your first impressions of each other?

Ines Siepmann: When I first found out Wall-e was going to be my roommate, I stalked her on Facebook, as every good future roommate does. I was really scared because Wall-e had this really bad-ass profile picture. And she looked really good. And she had gotten her hair cut. And she was in her prom dress, which she looked really good in. And I texted [my friend] that Wall-e was too cool for me and I was really scared. 

TC: And what do you think of her now?

IS: I still think Wall-e’s too cool for me, but I’m not scared of her anymore.

Kendall Stoetzer: [laughs] Aww. Um, I don’t remember. I remember discussing with people how to pronounce your name.

TC: What were the hard parts of being roommates?

KS: I probably snored.

IS: I didn’t notice. But the kitten. The kitten was big. We had a kitten in our room for — three months? 

KS: It was not that long! It was like two weeks. 

IS: Mhmm. OK, full-time, for two weeks. [laughs]

TC: Where was this cat from?

KS: It was from my ex. [laughs] Who was also in the room.

IS: I remember the kitten more than the ex, honestly.

TC: Why have you decided to live together again, and again, and again?

IS: Sophomore year, a group of five of us friends knew that we all wanted to live together in some regard, but were all too anti-decision making to actually say this is who we wanted to live with. So we drew out of a hat to pair people, and Wall-e and I were drawn out of the same hat. We were sitting on our first-year floor with [our friends].

KS: I don’t remember that at all! 

IS: Oh my god, Wall-e! We were sitting on the floor, and we drew out of a hat. And then that night when we were lying in bed, we both said to each other that that’s what we wanted.  

KS: [Laughing] That is so tender. I wish I remembered that.

IS: And then at that point, it was just kind of assumed.

TC: What are your pet peeves about how the other person lives?

KS: It’s not specifically about Een. I just get peeved when other people are talking when I am trying to fall asleep. Everyone does it, but sometimes Een does it. I guess that’s the only thing. 

TC: Is there a moment that you realized you were actually friends and not just roommates?

IS: Honestly, probably when my high school boyfriend broke up with me, and Wall-e was just there. And then Story came over, too, and I was like, ‘Oh, these are the two people who are here for me right now as I’m crying on my floor at 2 a.m. and eating frozen bread with Nutella and trying to force them to eat it, too, and they didn’t.’

KS: Yeah, that was a good one! And, after, you know? 

IS: That was so good! 

KS: Yeah, we cut up the pictures of the ex, like cut out his head, and some of them I put cut out pictures of my head on top of his body.

IS: And so we had all these compilations of just me from photos that we hung up all over our room for the rest of the year. 

TC: Do you love each other? 

[At the same time]

KS: Of course!

IS: Yeah! 

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