More Bang for Your Buck: Grocery Goods for Your College Budget

As  Block  2 starts and the stench of empty takeout containers emanates through the East Campus apartments like a potent Febreeze plug-in, many students have begun to realize that being off the meal plan can be just as costly for your bank account as $10 per swipe meals. While cooking may be a stretch, a strategy to smart college grocery shopping can help you with the total demolition of your leaning tower of pizza boxes. Here is a list of the most college friendly grocery stores in our area, and how to get the best bang out of your buck at each location.

Cartoon by Lo Wall

Trader Joe’s (6 Miles Away)Trader Joe’s markets itself around the idea of a sailor traveling around the globe to bring back exotic treats and treasures at the best price available. This marketing campaign, while flamboyant, isn’t a far stretch from its business strategy. Trader Joe’s negotiates with vendors across the globe and cuts out middleman costs by acting as its own distributor, allowing Trader Joe’s to reduce prices on sweet treats, wacky snacks, produce, and frozen delicacies. Trader Joe’s offers a multitude of unique products and cuts costs of everyday essentials and frozen dinners.

Buck Bangin’ Bargains: Everyday produce, frozen meals, pre-packaged cheeses, and shelf sweets.

King Soopers (1.5 Miles Away)King Soopers is known and loved by the Colorado Springs community for its “fuel points.” In fact, any time you are scavenging for topics of conversation with 40-somethings in the community, fuel points—as well as the remarkable ability to buy 10 mini-canisters of Pringles for $10—is as reliable a topic as Monday night football. Despite local adoration of the Kroger chain, King Soopers doesn’t offer the best prices among all grocery stores in the area; however, they do offer the best value on locally-sourced goods. King Soopers is a valuable resource for local, seasonal produce and fresh protein.  King Soopers has a strong connection to both the Colorado Springs community and its food vendors. Check it out, and get in on the fuel-point buzz.

Buck Bangin’ Bargains: Seasonal and local produce, dairy, protein, and .0003 cent discounted gas

Neighborhood Walmart (1.8 Miles Away)Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, where can I find an 11 lb. vat of queso fresco?” Though you may want to reconsider your dairy intake, the Neighborhood Walmart is the grocery store for you. This grocery store sells cheaper versions of your favorite grocery store favorites: sans soft cheeses, bakery sections, or butcher counters. Instead, you can find a variety of bulk lunchmeats, frozen foods, and gallons of Peter Pan peanut butter. The Neighborhood Walmart is home to your junk food essentials, bulk foods, and cheaper versions of your grocery must-haves. If you give it a browse, you are likely to find a worthwhile bargain.

Buck Bangin’ Bargains: Common grocery store goods, frozen junk food, snacks, bulk condiments, and other foods.

Peruse some of these stops on your next grocery run for some buck bangin’ bargains on all of your grocery store needs. ■



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