Battle of the Bands: An Innovative Tradition

As the bitter wind, chilled air, and overcast skies have become more apparent on campus, it may do the soul some good to look ahead to fresh music and wild dancing at the annual Battle of the Bands concert series.

The first-round concert of this long-standing event will be hosted March 2–3 by the Sounds of Colorado College in Bemis Great Hall. The event is open to all students and student bands of any experience level. Students will then vote on the best groups following the concert, sending six to eight bands through to the final round on April 14 on Yampa Field. After this final-round concert, non-student members of the community will decide which bands will get the chance to play at the Llamapalooza Music Festival in May.

The SoCC has hosted Battle of the Bands since its founding in 2008, making it the organization’s oldest annual event on campus. Colin Monahan ’18, Program Manager at the SoCC, said that the music scene on campus “is vibrant and constantly ebbs and flows,” making room for creativity and new talent.

“In the last two years, many talented and experienced performers that have previously overshadowed the competition have graduated, and thus this year’s Battle of the Bands is really a unique space for new faces and new groups to showcase their skills,” said Kyra Bergsund ’18, General Manager for the SoCC.

Jake Lauer ’17, drummer of last year’s winning band Mad Wallace, performed at various venues throughout his four years at CC, and has worked with a constantly shifting group of talented student musicians. Lauer commended the uniquely creative atmosphere that healthy musical competitions such as Battle of the Bands provide. “Being able to collaborate with a bunch of different bands in front of so many people while on campus helped me to improve my musical ability and also helped to confirm the idea that music was something that I wanted to, and could, pursue after college,” he said. Lauer has since moved to Denver to continue his music career and still firmly believes that the student-band scene at other colleges and universities in the area is incomparable to that of CC.

Battle of the Bands hopes to showcase this prominent and talented group of musicians who share their music anywhere and everywhere, from the intimately quiet stairwells of Loomis to the charged house parties packed with eager, swaying faces.

This distinctive yearly event has defined the CC music scene by annually encouraging opportunity for collaboration across musical skill levels, creativity between different student groups, and most importantly, by exposing CC students to great, communal music for 10 years strong.

Maddy Unger

Maddy Unger

Maddy Unger, '21, is a winter start from Baltimore who spent her first semester in Costa Rica and Belize. Although undeclared, she hopes to major in environmental studies and Spanish. Maddy is also an ultimate frisbee enthusiast, loves to SCUBA dive, and hopes to visit every country in the world by the time she is 40.

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