Breaking the Stigma: National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

“I created the Thank You Body project because I really believe that CC has beautiful body diversity that isn’t appreciated often enough. As someone who doesn’t quite fit the super-active, super-fit CC student mold, I know it can feel incredibly alienating to not feel represented on campus. In terms of NEDA week, I believe this representation and normalization of all bodies becomes even more important, since obsession with a certain ideal can lead to triggering, toxic body standards. To help shift the way in which we discuss body image on campus, I chose to focus on gratitude for our bodies, and on the celebration of bodies of all sizes, colors, genders, abilities, and so on. It’s my hope that any student could see themselves reflected somewhere in the photo series, and hopefully could begin to recognize the beauty in bodies unlike their own.” – Emily McBride, photographer and creator of the Thank You Body Project

Sticky notes were hung all around campus in bathroom mirrors, encouraging students to relax, breathe, and be proud of their bodies.

Photo by Mikaela Burns

Several students led a trip to Garden of the Gods for a watercoloring trip, one of several hosted by the ORC (Outdoor Recreation Center) for NEDA week.

Sophia Pray

Sophia Pray

Sophia started writing for the Catalyst as soon as she arrived to campus in 2016 as a winter start student, and, after a few blocks as a staff writer, she became the Life Section Editor. She will be majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Dance. She considers herself an egg master chef, but does venture into the baking world occasionally as well.

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