BREWHAHA: Local brewery hosts music festival

Beginnings are both thrilling and nerve-wracking, full of both excitement and unpredictability. In part, this is why the Freewheelin Festival holds particular appeal. With a widespread marketing campaign around Colorado College’s campus and within Colorado Springs, there’s hope that the publicity will garner interest in this new musical venture.

The Freewheelin Festival is unique in that winners of Colorado Springs’ Independent Music Awards, plus other local and touring artist will perform on three separate stages on Friday, Sept. 11 from 4 p.m. until 10 p.m. and on Saturday, Sept. 12 from noon until 10 p.m.

Initially, it may seem a stretch that Bristol Brewery, a local microbrewery, became involved with staging a music-related event. Kristen Olson, Director of Events at Bristol Brewing Company, explained, “At Bristol Brewing Company, we believe in contributing to the community in a way that makes us proud. Oftentimes we are lucky enough to do that through the donation of beer to fundraising opportunities.”

However, Bristol’s involvement in music goes deeper. “If successful,” Olson said. “The Freewheelin Fest could offer residents of Colorado Springs a new experience that showcases an eclectic variety local and national talent. When the Colorado Springs Independent Newspaper came onboard to bring the Indy Music Awards to the festival, well, that really solidified what we are trying to accomplish.”

Olson’s words emphasize the importance of community partnership and growing interest in transforming Colorado Springs into a city that caters to the growing music and arts scene. In order to make this event even more accessible to college students, Bristol Brewing has also partnered with Colorado College.

According to senior Molly Scudder, Bristol has organized a shuttle that will be leaving from campus that will transport students to and from the festival. With guaranteed live music and transportation, it’s cut out to be a fantastic event. The festival will have a table in Worner on Wednesday, Sept. 9; tickets are also available online. In addition, the SOCC will be raffling a pair of tickets next week. Stay tuned!

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