Duby: 420-friendly social media

Written by Alyssa Mavor

R/trees enthusiasts listen up: the new Tinder-style social media app, Duby, might be the next best place to share cannabis content with the world. On April 6, the Denver-based company Duby LLC released their pot-positive app. According to CNBC, the number of users had surpassed one thousand, and it’s getting higher by the day.

Photo courtesy of Duby.
Photo courtesy of Duby.

Anonymous users show off pictures of their buds, bongs, and buddies lighting up in celebration of the stoner culture that is slowly being legalized across the U.S. The app links users’ content to people nearby who can choose to “pass the Duby,” to share with people near their location, or to “put it out,” which stops the spread of it.

The more popular a Duby gets, the more people it is passed to. Through this process of sharing, users gain Influence points. The maximum score is, aptly, 420.

Unlike Instagram or MassRoots (another cannabis-friendly community), Duby is designed so you don’t need millions of followers to create popular content. If everyone who receives a certain Duby puts it out, it won’t travel any further. If the Duby is heady and popular, it can be tracked by the user and might spread all over the globe of pot smokers.

Many users present the artsy side of smoking pot, posting close-ups of particularly beautiful, keefy nugs and the intricate glasswork of their pieces. Shots of foot-long joints and smoke rings abound. Denver’s famous “Cannabis Cup” was documented on Duby by many users, with hashtags such as #420 and #highlyfe.

Photo courtesy of Duby.
Photo courtesy of Duby.

“It looks well designed and user friendly,” said Colorado College sophomore Patrick Jurney upon trying the app. “However, I feel like there is not that much to talk about weed… It’s very specific.”

For this reason, Duby may look into commercializing their service. According to CNBC, the app developers are looking into the possibility of linking Duby users with growers in their area who would be selected by that user’s cannabis preference. This would allow people to easily find their favorite strains of weed in stores near them.

As of now, the free iPhone app is available only in the 23 states that allow medical marijuana, and users must verify that they are over 18 years of age. The Andriod version set to release in May. More information is online at www.duby.co.

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