Frankie Cosmos Graces The Black Sheep’s Stage

With the appeal of well-known concert venues like The Ogden Theatre and Pepsi Center only 70 miles from Colorado College, it is easy to overlook smaller venues right here in Colorado Springs. The Black Sheep, boasting a 450-person capacity, is just under three miles from campus.

Photo by Celia Herdic

Denver venues and Red Rocks Amphitheatre are the usual weekend attractions for students in Colorado interested in concerts. But this past Friday, April 6, The Black Sheep was packed with CC students when singer-songwriter Frankie Cosmos came to town.

Greta Kline, affectionately known by her stage name Frankie Cosmos, is a 24-year-old New York City native. She has previously played under the alias Ingrid Superstar and in the band Porches. She floated into Colorado Springs last weekend and graced the humble stage of The Black Sheep with an amazing show. “Frankie Cosmos is connected to your soul,” as stated on the Frankie Cosmos Facebook page. “Frankie Cosmos is the flower you should grow.”

Cosmos definitively proved this statement correct. As a week-old listener of Frankie Cosmos, I was in awe of her stage presence. At the end of the show, I actually felt a connection. Cosmos’s eclectic sound and lyrics paired with the energized crowd made for an exciting atmosphere inside the venue. The “Frankie Cosmos” banner hanging behind Cosmos’s head was reminiscent of a “Happy Birthday” banner, complimenting the youthfulness that accompanies her sound.

The first opener for Friday night’s show was Ashley Koett, a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder. She joined the West Coast Spring 2018 Tour for both the Boulder and Colorado Springs stops, and her other bandmates accompanied her. “The crowd here tonight was really awesome and talkative,” Koett said. In August 2017, Koett transitioned from a solo act, where she produced everything on her own, to performing with a band. While her songs complemented the rest of the show, Koett’s sound is built on her own unique voice and personal experiences.

The second opener was solo performer Hannah Reed, otherwise known as Lomelda. Lomelda’s performance seamlessly followed Koett’s performance. However, it was Cosmos’s eagerly anticipated show that had the audience jumping up and down.

When Cosmos finally sailed onto the stage, the audience erupted in applause. Cosmos was incredibly interactive as she greeted the crowd. Fellow band members Alex Bailey, Lauren Martin, and Luke Pyenson joined her. The crowd was a diverse mix of Colorado Springs residents and CC students, long-time fans and first-time listeners.

Cosmos pleased the crowd with songs from her newest album, “Vessel,” released on March 30. “Very easy to listen to, and just danceable enough,” said junior Simone Hall, a first-time listener. New fans, although unable to recite the lyrics, seemed to be just as engaged and excited about the show as long-time listeners.

“I’ve been following Greta Cline in Porches and as Frankie Cosmos for a while,” said junior Sam Silverman. “I think she did such a good job mixing her new album [‘Vessels’] and more popular songs. It also really helped that you could tell so many people there were into her music, which made it a ton of fun.”

While the concert was not a full-fledged dance party, the swaying and light head-bopping of the crowd matched the ambiance of Cosmos’ songs. The only complaint verbalized by CC students was that they wished the show had gone on longer.

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