From med school to cupcakes, Cupcake Doctor

Desirae Leipply wasn’t always a “cupcake doctor”; She started out as a medical research scientist at Johns Hopkins University, but after six years decided to apply her scientific skills to cupcake baking.

With university behind her, Leipply started a small, cupcake-delivery service in September 2011. Soon, after an overflow of orders, she opened up The Cupcake Doctor, a cupcakery located at 6455 Omaha Boulevard and a Springs Cupcake Truck.

The truck travels to neighborhoods and venues all over Colorado Springs to catering weddings, business meetings, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Photo by Philip Engh.
Photo by Philip Engh.

Since childhood, she always loved how bakeries brought people together, and how a fresh-baked cake or cookie can make anyone smile. Her fondness for making treats stems from childhood.

“Some of our first memories are of folks making us things that are sweet and delicious,” she recounts. “I just wanted to provide that experience for customers all over the city.”

Staffed and supported by her military family, The Cupcake Doctor crafts cupcakes of all sorts, all made without any preservatives or shortening.

Leipply offers over sixty flavors ranging from Colorado Mudslide to Raspberry Chocolate Vodka, so there’s something for everyone. Many of these cupcakes were inspired by customers’ ideas.

“Shoot me an idea that you have for a cupcake, and we’ll try to execute it,” Leipply said. “We’ve played with everything from our happy hour cupcakes which are made with alcohol, to cramming as much fruity and even vegetably goodness into some of our cupcakes.”

While their most unique cupcake is the Avocado Buttercream Cupcake, their best seller is the classic Snowblind Vanilla Cupcake.

“Customers either love it or hate it. We’ll take any idea. As a small business owner you never like to tell a person no,” Leipply laughed. “Our vanilla cake is a traditional southern style recipe with buttermilk and vinegar with a nice level of homey goodness and sweetness, not overly sweet.”

And good news for those with allergies: The Cupcake Doctor caters to any intolerance. There’s even the Allergy-Proof Cupcake, which contains no wheat, dairy, eggs, corn, soy, cocoa, or nuts. For a cupcake, unbelievable, I know.

“The best thing about my job is being able to get out there and deliver goodies, because I’m delivering happiness.”

One thing’s for certain, these “mom-made” cupcakes are just what the doctor ordered.

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