Hallowings: A Halloween Treat for Carnivores

“Halloweekend” is a key component of the Colorado College experience. Students take every opportunity to embrace the week of campus events. With Halloween falling on a Tuesday this year, these campus and student-sponsored activities have been happening from first through second Wednesday of the block. From movie nights to Halloween VDP to midnight breakfast to pumpkin carving, students have been busy hitting all of their favorite spots.

Photo by Josh Birndorf

This year, Carnivore Club jumped in on the action. Although the majority of the Halloweekend events are campus sponsored, student-run clubs and organizations have started joining the festivities. In its inaugural year, “Hallowings”—Carnivore Club’s home-cooked wings event—brought a plethora of students to Yampa field.

With many students recovering from a busy Saturday, the sunny afternoon was an idyllic end to an eventful Halloweekend. Carnivore Club co-chair Noelle Edwards ’18 said, “We seemed to get really good feedback from the event, so we see it being a tradition in the future.” Students lined up for up to 30 minutes to taste the free wings, featuring co-chair Gabe Rosenthal’s signature sauces. Yampa quickly filled as students stopped by for the wings and stayed for the company.

So, what is Carnivore Club? Edwards explained, “Carnivore Club is a student-run organization that provides free food for students on campus at various events. We often grill at sporting events as well as other student organizations’ events.” Club members are self-defined “meat enthusiasts,” bonding over their mutual love of grilling and food. A tight-knit group of 30 students often meet to discuss event planning, present opportunities to cultivate their culinary skills, and raise awareness on the benefits of protein in a daily diet.

Freshman students and Carnivore Club members Magdalena Sotelo and Eliza Neiman-Goldman, discuss ed the accessibility of the club and its events. Like many students, Sotelo and Neiman-Goldman were attracted to the idea of free food. In response to why they joined, Sotelo said, “Grills and free food!” Neiman-Goldman chimed in, “I just like food a lot. I like eating. I like cooking.” The universality of these statements is what makes the club so popular and the events so well attended. In this event alone, approximately 100-150 students circulated through.

Edwards passionately recounted a similar desire for a food-loving community, “I joined the club as a sophomore because it seemed like a great way to meet new people. It is a really great social opportunity. We love that people can get to know each other and bond over cooking delicious food.” Sotelo and Neiman-Goldman noted this sense of inclusivity, even as first-year students, speaking to the club’s ability to uphold their missionary values.

And, as a registered club, the organization has the budget capacity to host large events at no cost to students. Edwards said, “Carnivore Club events are always free to students. Roughly 90 percent of our budget goes toward grilling for other students. We use the other 10 percent or so to do events for our club members. These club events are directed towards educating people on how to cook different types of meat that we can then also grill and serve to the general student body.” Edwards emphasized the importance of Carnivore Club not only existing for its members, but also for the larger CC community.

It helps that the food also tastes good. “We served about 50 pounds of chicken wings in total [on Sunday]. A big seller was the buffalo, honey mustard, and Carolina Reaper sauces made by Gabe Rosenthal, one of our co-chairs,” Edwards said. “The turnout was definitely better than expected. We got really lucky with the weather and it was great to see students hanging out on Yampa and enjoying wings.”

If you’re passionate about food, consider joining the club. Edwards noted, “We welcome anyone who has an interest in grilling food.” Follow their Facebook page to keep updated on all things “meat-enthusiast.”

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