HEALTH BITES: Staying on track

Written by Kelsey Zeikel

It is a common practice to be overwhelmed by our moods and busy schedules. A few minutes of procrastination turns into hours, which then leads to days and then weeks. A collection of articles and websites dedicated to the idea of “self-motivation” mainly work to reinforce the idea that “mood is a poor indicator of whether you should do something” (Leo Babuata of

Think about all the times you have wanted to do something, told yourself when/where/how you were going to do it, and then distracted yourself by playing on your phone or scrolling mindlessly through Facebook.

You make a meal plan for yourself and an exercise schedule, but then 3 p.m. rolls around, and all of the sudden there are free muffins and pastries in front of your face. All of these daily instances add up to poor long-term habits and many of us can admit that.

The Happy Manager, a website dedicated to helping individuals self-motivate and accomplish goals, writes, “Without self motivation skills to manage and renew your energy, the desire to get things done can rapidly evaporate.”

Basically, there is a critical period of time in which we need to act. Otherwise, our energy and motivation fades. A featured article, “How to Manage Your Energy,” explores successful ways of discovering sources of personal energy to generate productivity.

Energy can come from one, focusing on your strengths by doing more of what you’re good at; two, using positive, supportive relationships as empowerment; and three, most importantly, having a purpose. We are more willing to do something if the outcomes and reasons for doing so are clearly defined.

Further, moods should not dictate personal energy. Evaluating where and how your energy evaporates, whether that be certain environments, around certain people, or even via a poor diet or lack of activity, can really help promote progress.

Another suggestion is focusing on your capability to really own your own accomplishments and fully embrace responsibility. Don’t get stuck on deciding to do something, make it a decision.

You may want to think about serving as an example for others by continually working to achieve something you’re proud of. Instead of saying “I don’t feel like it” tell yourself “future Me will thank me, let’s do it” (

Featured Recipe:

Super Easy Burrito Bowl

4oz ground chicken, beef, turkey (or tofu/soy)

1/3 mashed avocado

1 cup cooked brown or white rice

¼ cup salsa of choice

½ cup black beans

¼ cup shredded cheddar cheese

Salt and pepper as desired

Directions: fry meat over stove until fully cooked, mix into cooked grains then add all other toppings.

Add-in ideas

*sauteed peppers and onions




*chopped spinach or kale

*hard boiled egg

*substitute quinoa for rice

*sour cream (for a healthier option- greek yogurt)

*chick peas, red beans, pinto beans


*seasonings/herbs: cilantro, mint, basil, italian seasoning, parsley, garlic powder

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