Hop Ed #11: Cerberus Brewing Company

Hop Ed #11

Writers: Christopher Birtch & Brandon Marcus (Julian is abroad for the block)

Intro: A weekly review of local beers for CC students by CC students. Brought to you in association with the Homebrew Education Club of Colorado College.

This week’s brewery: Cerberus Brewing Company

Photo by Phillip Engh

Brewery Info: Cerberus is one of the newest breweries in Colorado Springs. Having just opened their doors in September of 2016, they are off to a quick and popular start. The brewery is located on the outskirts of Old Colorado City and offers a variety of beer and food options. Like many small breweries, they have a business model focused on involvement in the Colorado Springs community and making all feel welcome by providing knowledgeable, friendly service paired with great food and beer. The staff contains a plethora of seasoned veterans; a chef with over 15 years experience in the industry focused on local ingredients, and a head brewer who has been managing the Brewer’s Republic taproom for the past four years. This place had a wait on Tuesday night, which apparently can be up to two hours on the weekend. We recommend checking it out due to its great ambiance, quality pub fare, and 24 taps running.

This Week’s Picks: Brandon and Topher’s 5 beer flight

#1: Salacia Gose: 3.7% and 9 IBU. This beer has a brilliant straw color with a good head. The aromas are of coriander and spice—it is sweet but not too overpowering. The flavors are faint, yet not overwhelmingly sour or sweet. The beer has a medium gentle mouth feel that leaves a prickly feeling on the lips and a medium body with lively carbonation. All of this constitutes the qualities for an easy drinking beer with a smooth finish. It is brewed with German Pilsner, German Wheat and Acid malt grains, and Czech Saaz hops. Highly recommended for a newbie to the beer world who wants to expand their palette.

#2: Sunbeamz Double IPA: 8.5% and 90 IBU. This beer also has a vivid and extremely clear golden color. The aromas are of strong citrus and hops. Flavors are very balanced, not too sweet nor too hoppy with a vibrant grapefruit undertone. There is a light mouthfeel and light carbonation leading to a consistent body throughout the sip. This beer is not too bitter even though it has high IBUs and is easy to drink, especially for a double IPA.

#3: Boreas Winter Belgian Strong Ale: 9.6% and 30 IBU. Excellent golden color and typical Belgian-beer style scents. The aroma contains more specifically nodes of banana and nutty bread—it is sweet. It is a full-bodied beer with a warming mouthfeel and medium carbonation. Also it has smooth flavors of persimmons and dates. Brewed with German and Belgian grains and Czech Saaz hops.

#4: Human Wreckage Barleywine: 9.4% and 100+ IBU. This beer has a clear copper/brown color and a strong head. The aroma is sour with underlying malts. The flavor is malty and has strong spice flavors. Not too hoppy, but a sweet malty taste covers the palate when sipping. Initially a thick mouthfeel, yet finishes smoothly with medium carbonation throughout. This flavorful beer is brewed with Chinook Hops. If you’re looking for a full-flavored, strong ABV, yet drinkable barleywine, this beer is definitely worth a try.

#5: Black Plague Russian Imperial Stout: 10% and 60 IBU. This stout is dark brown to black in color and has chocolate coffee aromas. The flavors are customary of a stout with nice caramel tones and a spiced hop aftertaste. This beer begins with a thick full mouthfeel that causes somewhat of a coating of flavors. Carbonation is fairly faint, characteristic of a stout. This stout, although strong, is smooth and sensual like our bartender. The grist includes many different grains such as roasted and flaked barley, pale chocolate, and black malts, to name a few. The hops used are Magnum and Galena. It is definitely a warming beer, perfect for a cold winter evening hanging out or conversing with others.

Where to Drink: Since this brewery is brand new, they are not currently canning or bottling. The inside scoop is that they will be releasing a bomber aged in bourbon or rum barrels for their one year anniversary this fall. In the meantime, visit the brewery at 702 W. Colorado Ave. here in the Springs. While there is not a huge bar, this establishment has good ambiance and pushes customers towards a sit down meal with delicious food. You can also get a 32-ounce crawler to go of any of the Cerberus beers on tap. Great place to take a beer loving date!

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