Hop-Ed: Colorado Mountain Brewery

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Colorado Mountain Brewery:

Colorado Mountain Brewery has two locations in the Springs and offers a taproom drinking experience paired with a lively restaurant atmosphere and a full menu filled with gourmet versions of classic pub foods. Both locations are owned by U.S. Air Force Academy alum Scott Koons and his father Richard. The first location opened in 2010 off of Interquest parkway by the USAFA campus. In 2012, after the success of the northern location, Koons decided to open a second location in the historic roundhouse building off of route 24 on the way to Old Colorado City and Manitou Springs. The roundhouse building was initially built in 1880 as a home to the Midland Terminal Railroad for storing and repairing locomotives. In 1953 the building was repurposed by the Van Briggle Art Pottery company, until 2009 when the building was renovated for a multi tenant retail facility. While the northern location is decorated with a USAFA theme, the roundhouse location differs with a fullness of exposed brick, honoring the railroad traditions of  the building in the style of decor. Though not one of the oldest breweries in town, they still stay popular in the constantly expanding craft beer scene in Colorado Springs.

Review of Flagship Styles:

7258 Blonde Ale:

This is a crisp and refreshing balanced light ale. The color is a clear straw, and the beer has a light head. The aromas were slightly floral and malty. It has a light medium body and mouthfeel with good carbonation. The floral hop and delicate malt flavors are balanced and direct, forming a consistency throughout with a crisp and clean finish. It is named after the altitude of the USAFA.

Unibrau Hefenweizen:

This is a traditional German wheat ale named after a true German athletic heroine, Fran Stalinovskovichdavidovitchsky from the movie, Dodgeball. This beer has a hazy golden straw color, and the aromas dominated by banana and clove. Medium high carbonation is evident, and some suspended yeast lead to a thicker mouthfeel. The flavor was standard with slight citrus nodes on the palate. This beer is stylish and also refreshing.

Panther IPA:

Another well balanced beer for the hop enthusiast, the Black Panther IPA is bold and strong. This beer derives its name from the USAFA cadet squadron 29, known as the black panthers. The beer had a brilliant gold color and a malty and fruity aroma. It is highly carbonated, leaving a fizzy mouthfeel and a medium body. The finish is delicate but long with the bitter hop flavors resonating on the palate. The hops have a pine character, and the flavor is fruity, though not citrus.

Roller Coaster Red Ale:

This is Colorado Rocky Mountain Brewery’s tribute to a Scottish Ale with roasted and chocolate malts and light hops. The namesake comes from Roller Coaster Road, a curvy hilly trip just north of Interquest. The beer had a clear copper color and a sweet smell like a biscuit. The flavor is clearly of roasted malts and chocolate. With a good carbonation, and a medium mouthfeel, this is an interesting style with a short finish.

Old 59er Amber Ale :

Described as a red ale with caramel malts and American hops, this beer is named after the first class to graduate from the USAFA in 1959 commissioned as 2nd Lieutenants. The beer has a clear amber color with a gently but sweet aroma. The flavor evokes tastes of butterscotch and caramel with floral and pine hop undertones. It has medium carbonation and good head retention although the head is slightly brown. With a medium light body, this is an easy drinking beer.

Monumental Stout:

Named after the town of Monument just north of the Springs this is a coffee inspired stout with medium body and full flavors. This beer emits a very dark color, an opaque jet black, with strong aromas of sweet malts and coffee. The beer has a medium to heavy body coating mouth feel similar to a milk stout and light carbonation. The flavor is initially complex, but gets overly dominated by the coffee flavor in the middle and in the finish. It has a decent ruby black colored head and some molasses sweetness in the flavor.

These three flagship beers are very good representations of different styles, yet are very straightforward. They are very drinkable beers, but don’t showcase much uniqueness. This is more of a spot to visit for a good meal or to watch a sports game with friends.

Where to Drink:

The original location is by the USAFA at 1110 Interquest Parkway and the second location at the roundhouse is at 600 S. 21st St. While we did not visit the Interquest location, both taprooms are very nice and offer full menus of beer from all over the country and delicious pub food.

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