Hop-Ed: Fossil Craft Beer Company

This Week’s Brewery:

Started and implemented by five friends wild about craft beer and inspired by Colorado’s unique history, Fossil Beer Company opened its doors in April 2013. Like many local breweries, Fossil has committed to supporting small businesses by obtaining ingredients through local suppliers, and contracting the construction of their brew-house through a local manufacturer. Drinking Fossil beer is a “yes” for flavor, and a “yes” for small business. The pub is conveniently located within walking distance of Red Rocks Open Space and Old Colorado City. Fossil has teamed up with local food truck companies that are on sight every night of the week. Check out this brewery and try one of three flagship ales, or one of four rotating seasonal taps.

This Week’s Picks:

Topher’s Pick: Mammoth IPA

This truly American IPA is one of the flagship offerings at Fossil. The Mammoth has 6.5% alcohol by volume, and a 70 IBU. This IPA has a clear golden color and the gentle aroma of both citrus and pine. It was brewed with a combination of Cascade, Galena, and Columbus hops. The carbonation is lively, and the mouthfeel is light. Initially, this beer caresses the tongue with tastes of citrus, followed by a hint of caramel malt, and finishes with the pine hop aftertaste, which is slightly bitter. This IPA is very satisfying, drinkable, and quite refreshing.

Julian’s Pick: TPS Report Barrel-Aged Brettanomyses Wit

This milk stout is another one of Fossil’s flagship beers. In addition to added lactose, it is brewed with flaked oats and roasted barley. The alcohol by volume is 5.1%, and the IBU count is 26. The color is a dark, opaque brown. The aroma is light, but has a scent of creamy sweetness and a hint of nut. It has a good head, medium-light body, and the common sweet, creamy, flavor of a milk stout from the addition of lactose during fermentation. The mouthfeel is light, and the finish leaves you with a toasted grain or biscuit taste. It is a very proper representation of a milk stout, yet nothing too adventurous.

Brandon’s Pick: The Quad

This current seasonal beer is crafted in a Quadruple Belgian style. It ranks a whopping 12.8% alcohol by volume, and a 30 on the IBU scale. It is a dark, rich, ruby color, with a very nice persistent head. Due to the malts used in production, the aroma is sweet, exhibiting hints of molasses and toffee. The beer’s flavor is similar to its smell, and has a long, persistent melding of molasses and toffee, with a hint of nuttiness. The carbonation accentuates the flavors, leaving a light tingling sensation on the palate. The Quad has a medium-full body, and a lingering sweet finish. The smell, flavor, and finish are consistent, making this beer very drinkable for its high ABV.

Where to Buy:

Fossil’s taproom is conveniently located at 2845 Ore Mill Rd #1, right off of Route 24 in southern Colorado Springs. The staff is knowledgeable about beer, and, as mentioned earlier, local food trucks provide additional food options. In warmer weather, Fossil also has a nice patio to expand their seating. Overall, Fossil is a nice brewery and taproom to check out for all you beer lovers out there.

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