Hop-Ed: Gold Camp Brewing Company

Gold Camp Brewing Company

This week features Gold Camp Brewing Company, who celebrated their two-year anniversary this past January. The brewers from Gold Camp were the original founders of the Brewer’s Republic Beer Pub in downtown Colorado Springs in 2010. The transition from owning a bar to brewing has proved successful for the two brewers. Interestingly, the brewery has yet to commit to flagships, and is letting customers steer what styles are represented at their six taps. While they do not serve food on site, Gold Camp collaborates with various local food trucks that provide delicious food options to patrons. The brewery is Colorado-history themed with a bar made from beetle-kill pine and lights resembling those found in a mine. We felt the bar offered remarkable ambiance due to this theme and the soft lighting. With stacks of board games and constantly rotating taps, this industrial and wood aesthetic is definitely worth checking out.

Photo by Phillip Engh

This Week’s Picks:

Brandon’s Pick: Pineapple Trippel

[30.8 IBU, 8.7 percent ABV]

This special fresh release was a very interesting beer tapped on site the morning we arrived. The color is very hazy and opaque yellow with a grainy wheat aspect to it. It looks more like pineapple juice than beer with a light to non-existent head. The aromas are typical of a Belgian with a sweet fruity, banana, nutty scent. The pineapple also comes out as an undertone in the scent profile, without dominating the beer. The initial sip provides no carbonation and embodies the characteristic fruity Belgian flavors. The yeast and pineapple also grace the palate as you continue to experience the beer. The Belgian flavors persist in the finish. With high alcohol content, this is an easy drinking beer. With not-too-sweet flavor, this beer leaves feelings of refreshment and satisfaction. Despite a medium body, it leaves an acidity puckering feeling in the mouth. Surprisingly, this beer drank more like a juice than a beer. We think this would be a great beer for a gorgeous day or a “darty.”

Topher’s Pick: Roxie’s Robust Porter

[IPA- 65.9 IBU, 6.3 percent ABV, Magnum, Cascade, & Centennial Hops]

This IPA has a clear golden color with light carbonation and a faint head. The aromas are strong with pine and resin at the forefront. There is also a faint caramel malt scent under the hops. Off the bat this is a very drinkable beer with a carbonated mouthfeel. The beer is initially sweet followed by mild bitterness from the piney hops. There is subtle malt and light caramel flavors as well, which do not overwhelm the palate. The entire flavor profile is quite balanced and leaves a tingling sensation in the mouth. This is a very multi-dimensional beer with a ton of flavor elements, none of which overpower the rest. Smooth and drinkable, we think this balanced beer would pair well with many food options. Grab a growler for your next burger night!

Julian’s Pick: Roxie’s Robust Porter

[37 IBU, 6.8 percent ABV]

This porter has a gorgeous dark ruby color and a light head. The aromas are overwhelmingly evident of robust, bold coffee with malt and pepper undertones. The flavor is as you would imagine, primarily embodying the rich coffee taste with the roasted malt and pepper complimenting the coffee flavor. The beer has a surprisingly high carbonation with a creamy mouthfeel. This flavor profile is highly committed to a single aspect compared to the well-balanced other styles we sampled. The acidity of coffee lingers, yet the beer has a short finish. This beer would need to be paired with strong flavors and we think it is more of a dessert drink or nightcap.

Other Beers on Tap:

Dr. Gavins Cabin Cream Ale, Kavanaugh’s Irish Red, Mamie’s Amber, Sour Mash Blonde, & Connemara Irish Stout

Where to Drink:

The address of the brewery is 1007 S. Tejon St. here in Colorado Springs. Located just south of downtown, this is an easy spot for students to get to. With great beer and a great setting to drink it in, you should get your butts down there to check this place out. Support local businesses!

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