Hop-Ed: Nano 108 Brewing

Nano 108 Brewing

Nano 108 Brewing is a unique brewery here in Colorado Springs. Founder Keith Altemose helped open Rock Bottom Brewery in 2005, and has been a home brewer for over 20 years. Between 2010 and 2013, Altemose hit the ground running with Nano, developing 18 distinct taps. Altemose calls it “Colorado’s first seasonal brewery.” The name ‘Nano’ originates from the brewery’s commitment to brew small batches. Nano strives to use locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. Their beers are fairly priced and available in a range of sizes, including growler fills and crowlers (32 oz. cans). Nano has achieved a pleasant taproom atmosphere with copper and exposed brick walls. Located off the beaten track in an industrial area of the Springs, a giant beer sign and 1947 Chevy filled with oak barrels will help you spot Nano. This is one of our favorite breweries yet!

Photo by Phillip Engh

This Week’s 4 Beer Flight:

#1: Munich Helles

[5.0% ABV, 19 IBU, & 4.1 SRM] This beer has a brilliant straw color and aromas reminiscent of banana and wheat, with floral undertones. It has a crisp, herbal flavor and relatively light body for easy drinking. It is sweet and malty, but not overwhelmingly so. The finish is short, but the honey and herbal flavors linger. It has a light head and carbonation. The floral and herbal German hops provide a subtle bitterness and soft, yet dry finish. This style of beer is widely enjoyed throughout Southern Germany.

#2: British Old Ale

[6.0% ABV, 30 IBU, & 16.4 SRM] This aged beer is a step up from traditional English Mild Ales. It has a brilliant, dark-red and amber color profile, and a malty, fruity aroma. The flavors are sweet, but due to the use of raisins, plums, figs, and other dried fruit flavors, the aftertaste is quite dry. The beer has just enough malt to make it medium bodied with light carbonation and head. The strong initial sweetness fades quickly, and gives way to an earthy, woody finish. This ale is relatively dry and similar in flavor to a porter.

#3: Cascadian Dark Ale

[9.13% ABV, 81 IBU, & 38 SRM] This unique beer is a jet-black, opaque color. The aromas recall numerous varieties of hops involved in the brewing process, as well as caramel and rye malts. It has a full-bodied bitterness and a relatively piney hop flavor, with lingering malty undertones. The rye flavor is quite prevalent, revealing a certain bitter, acidic flavor. With malty smells and hoppy, sweet flavors, this is a very multidimensional beer. It is well balanced, and successfully blends many unique malts and hops. 

#4: Colombian Decaf Coffee Russian Imperial Stout on Nitro

[9.87% ABV, 80 IBU & 44 SRM] This beer has a dark ruby color and a lasting head characteristic of a nitro pour. The aromas of coffee and caramel chocolate sweetness are overwhelmingly strong. The coffee flavor dominates, contributing to a distinctly bitter overall flavor. This brew has other standard stout flavors including a medium body, and a milky texture standard of nitro beers. The beer has a long finish, coffee flavors lingering on the palate. This is a very drinkable beer, despite the high percentage of alcohol, floral hops, roasted barley, and dark malts. The coffee used in brewing has fruity undertones, echoing the flavor of raisins and plums used in the recipe. Overall, this is a well-balanced, diverse beer that is almost like drinking a chocolate cake out of a glass.

Other Beers on Tap:

Sorachi Ace Rice Lager, European Amber Lager, Down Under Pale Ale, East Coast OG IPA, Dry Irish Stout, Robust Porter on Nitro, Raspberry Robust Porter, Oatmeal Stout, American Stout with chocolate and mint, Belgian Quadrupel Ale, and a Tawny Port barrel aged Belgian Blond Ale.

Where to Drink:

This awesome brewery is located at 2402 Waynoka Rd., here in Colorado Springs. The taproom is homey and full of interesting conversation. With new styles being produced all the time, this is definitely a spot for the more avid beer enthusiast.

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