Hop-Ed: Red Leg Brewing Company

Red Leg Brewing Company

Founded by veterans, Red Leg Brewing opened with the intention of helping army veterans transition back into home life after their service abroad. The brewery opened July 4, 2013, a fitting date given their mission. The name ‘Red Leg’ was inspired by the red stripe worn by artillery officers in the Civil War, which made them easier to identify from afar on the battlefield. Red Leg serves and cans high quality craft beer and strives to honor the men and women who serve or have served in the military.

The bar is decked out with military-themed decorations and their motto is “continuing to serve those who serve.” They also added a canning system shortly after opening. Adding stickers to cans on-site makes the canning operation far more affordable for the small brewery. Red Leg Brewing is one of the first craft breweries in the Springs that is able to can beer on such a large scale. They boast six flagship beers and a philanthropic dedication to giving back. This is an awesome brewery!


Photo by Phillip Engh

This Week’s Picks:

Brandon’s Pick: Cutter Witbier

[5.3% ABV & 19 IBU]

This refreshing wit is named after the Coast Guard ships. Brewed with orange peel and coriander, this is a beer for any hour of the day and any day of the year. It is hazy yellow in color and smells of wild wheat and malt. The smell is similar to that of a Belgian ale but less pronounced. Despite the light head, it is highly carbonated and has a tingly mouthfeel. The flavor is in line with what you’d expect from the smell: grainy with fruity undertones. With mild tang, this beer is super delicious and filling. Pair this with sunny weather or a light meal such as a salad.



Topher’s Pick: Blue Nose Brown

[5.8% ABV & 37 IBU]

Blue Nose is a slang term in the Navy for those who have sailed through the Arctic Circle. Roasted malts predominate, accompanied by sweet caramel notes. It is a dark, ruby brown color. Robust toasted malt and subtle molasses notes overwhelm the nose. The smell and flavor are consistent, and it has a full body with a thicker mouthfeel. While it is not too carbonated, it has a longer toasty malt and dry finish. This beer is sweet yet balanced and true to the American Brown Ale style with straightforward flavor profiles.


Julian’s Pick: Doolittle IPA

[6.9% ABV & 60 IBU]

The Doolittle IPA is named after Air Force pioneer James Doolittle. The Doolittle is a quality rendition of the American IPA, trading bitterness for well-balanced flavor. Hops cut the sweetness and add malty floral tones. With a brilliant copper color and persistent head, this beer drinks easy. The aroma is mild and piney. Upon first sip, the piney hops dominate but the underlying bitterness and grainy flavor substantiates the initial notes. With a light-medium mouthfeel and a quick finish, this is a great IPA to try with a peppery steak or a burger.


Other Beers on Tap:

The other three flagships are the Devil Dog Stout (a nickname for marines), Howitzer Amber, and the Sgt. Pils. They also had four seasonal beers on tap: the Cavalier Crusher Burton Extra, the Guidon IPA, Screamin Eagle Barley wine aged in whiskey barrels, and the Thin Mint Cookie Stout.


Where to Drink:

The taproom is located off of Garden of the Gods Rd. at 4630 Forge Rd. Suite B. The owners chose the location due to its proximity to both Trinity Brewing and Great Storm, creating the Colorado Springs “beermuda triangle.” You can sample the seasonal taps or try six flagships for $10. While Red Leg Brewing Co. does not serve food, they often team up with local food trucks to satisfy customers completely. All of their beers can be purchased statewide. Locally, both Weber Liquor and Coaltrain Liquor sell Red Leg.

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