Hop-Ed: Storybook Brewing Company

Storybook Brewing Company

Storybook Brewing Company opened its doors just over two years ago. Storybook’s founder is an experienced home-brewer who dreamt of opening his own brewery for many years. After conducting research across the globe from Germany to Brazil, he poured his heart and extensive brewing knowledge into Storybook. Like many breweries, Storybook aims to brew classic styles of beer with interesting and local ingredients.

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A true family business, this brewery has worked to become part of the Colorado Springs community and craft beer scene in Colorado. Storybook solely focuses on beer, has a friendly staff, and is frequently visited by food trucks. The brewery’s atmosphere is mellow, with comfortable wooden tables and a shelf of games by the door, while the enticing ambiance provides customers with a pleasant place to relax or get work done with a beer in hand.


 Review of Flagship Styles:


#1: Gnomish Beer Goggles

[APA: 6.6% and 54 IBU] With a cloudy, golden-amber color and a light head, this beer shouts, “drink me!” The aromas are faint though sweet, with notes of honey and hops. Initially hoppy in flavor, the taste is followed by a gentle and sweet finish. The beer has a medium body, lively carbonation, and a vibrant wholesome mouthfeel. Gnomish Beer Goggle is very drinkable and leaves you wanting more. Just shy of an IPA, this beer is worth checking out for its diverse flavor profile.


#2: Little Red’s Rocking Ale

[APA 6.1% and 27 IBU] This red ale has a brilliant copper color and a strong head. Faint aromas of caramel malts and toasted hops provide a delicate, sweet scent. This beer has been fine-tuned over many different brews to make it very drinkable for a red ale, yet still contains a distinct flavor profile. The malt flavors are delicate, but not overwhelming. It has a full body, lively carbonation, and a long malty sweet finish. The malt flavors are complemented by hops, that make this smooth red ale.


#3: Für Lisa Kölsch

[[5.7% and 20 IBU] With a bright straw-golden color and a subtle white head, this beer pops out at you. With an almost non-existent scent, this beer has a grainy malt flavor, typical of a Kölsch style. It has a lively carbonation, medium body, and a good amount of citrus nodes hidden within the flavor profile. A quick, sweet, and refreshing finish makes this a light, gentle, and tasty beer for any occasion. Although it is fairly one-dimensional on the palate, the flavor is crisp. The blending of a Vienna style beer with a German style beer allows the brewer to bump the ABV up higher than other varieties of this style.


#4: Java Dragon on Nitro

[6.0% and 30 IBU] This porter is also available in a CO2 pour, although the nitro option is quite distinct and adds another dimension to the beer. This beer is carbonated with nitrogen, producing a higher carbonation level, which brings forth a milky, frothy taste and texture. The Java Dragon has a dark brown, even opaquely black color.

The aroma has strong and easily identifiable chocolate, espresso, and coffee malt notes. The brew has a persistent head, due to nitrogen carbonation, and the coffee malt flavor continues to emerge as you sip the beer. The mouthfeel is creamy with a light carbonation, and the finish is persistent with lingering coffee and chocolate flavor.


Where to Drink

The Storybook taproom is located just north of campus off of Fillmore Street at 3121 N. El Paso St. The taproom provides a relaxing experience with knowledgeable staff. Besides a nice place to spend an evening with friends, a lot of unique styles of beer are available.

These include the Angel Feather brown ale, the Tessella Mosaic IPA, the Ora et Labora braggot (sour style), the Beer Rootbeer Beer brown ale, the Last Strawberry wheat beer, the Alternate Awareness Abbey II dubbel, and the Kilhaven Wee Heavy Scottish ale. We recommend checking this brewery out to support a small local business.

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