Hop-Ed: Trinity Brewing Company

Photo by Phillip Engh
Photo by Phillip Engh

This Week’s Brewery:

Trinity Brewing Company opened its doors in 2008, and was founded by Colorado College alumnus, Jason Yester. Trinity’s taproom and brewery are constructed with recycled materials, and the eco-friendly brewery seeks to offset its carbon emissions by using strictly local and organic raw materials. This brewery is perfect for avid beer connoisseurs willing to try unique and experimental styles, and less so for those just beginning to drink beer. Trinity ages many of their beers in oak barrels, and sells more cellar beers than beers on tap. The brewery offers many sour ales, such as Bretts, Saisons, and farmhouse ales. Although this is not the average brewery, Trinity fills a specific niche market, and is rapidly expanding, having recently opened a second brew house in Denver.

In addition to beer, Trinity sells delicious food, and we recommend checking it out if you hope to expand your beer palate, and experience unique, experimental styles. 

This Week’s Picks:

Topher’s Pick: Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangsta Black & Wild Ironic Sour

This beer is a dark ruby color, and has an alcohol volume of 8.1%. It is brewed using a blend of dark malts, honey, golden raisins, mustard seed, and is aged in golden chardonnay barrels. It has a unique, and highly complex flavor transition. The brew smells somewhat like a burnt, highly roasted stout, however, the taste has a sour flavor with a sweet after-taste that diverges from the overwhelming tart flavor. It has after notes reminiscent of a woody barrel taste, and is overall a very unique beer.

Julian’s Pick: TPS Report Barrel-Aged Brettanomyses Wit

This barrel-aged beer is 4.8% alcohol by volume, and is brewed with flaked oats, flaked wheat, tangerine, and lemon zest. Due to Trinity’s decision to use bretttanomyces, a type of ‘wild’ yeast typically added for post-fermentation conditioning, this beer is very aromatic. Aged in French Chardonnay barrels with rose petals, a complex and mature flavor profile is developed in accordance with strikingly earthy notes. This beer resembles a sour style of beer, yet has obvious Belgian Wit tastes. It is smells of brett yeast, and has a hazy, light brown color. This beer has a low carbonation, and displays a fruity tartness representative of brett style beers.

Brandon’s Pick: One Ear Naked Saison

While Trinity Brewing Company does not have specific flagship beers, One Ear Saison is a staple in the Trinity offerings, with several styles available. This beer is 6.5% alcohol by volume, 35 IBU, un-spiced, and brewed with barley, oats, and rye. The aromas are fruity and yeasty, and it has a distinctly clear yellow color. Since it is unspiced, this beer does not taste like other saisons, yet it has a particularly sweet honey flavor. With floral notes and low carbonation, it is a very drinkable beer. The flavors are subtle, yet unique, and finishes with a dry, peppery, aftertaste courtesy of the rye additions.

Where to Buy:

Check out Trinity Brewing Company’s brewery and taproom, located at 1466 Garden of the Gods Road, right here in Colorado Springs. Trinity offers a significant,  diverse selection of beers. We encourage you not only to experiment with new styles of beer, but order off of the delicious food menu. You have the option to either drink beer in-house from the tap or casks, or take home a bottle or two in 325ml and 750ml sizes. A number of local liquor stores carry Trinity beers, including Weber Street Liquor.

Check out the Trinity Brewing Company website for weeknight deals and happy hours, which provide an affordable way for college students to drink.

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