Leviathan Live Shows the Power of the Creative Community

The Leviathan, Colorado College’s publication for literary and visual arts, is hosting its annual live-reading on Saturday, Dec. 8. Student contributors will read their submissions from the first and second issues of the 2018–2019 year. Editors of the publication stress the importance of the event, emphasizing the significance of live reading, the power of the creative voice, and the growing community of CC writers and artists. 

The Leviathan has hosted live readings since its early days. In past years, the event was held at a myriad of locations, from editors’ homes to Cossitt Amphitheatre. This year, the publication staff is transitioning the event to the B-Side Collective, a student-run music community with an emphasis on creating inclusive spaces for artists to present their work: particularly women, gender non-conforming, and queer/LGBTQIA+ students. Poetry Editor, Maya Day ’20, explained the transition.

Photo By Daniel Sarché

 “We wanted to host the event at B-Side because of its recognition of the ways in which art scenes, especially at liberal arts campuses such as CC, can be limiting and inaccessible to marginalized creatives,” Day said. “The B-Side Collective is specifically formed as a way to make these spaces accessible to those who feel underrepresented in creative spaces such as queer artists, low-income artists, and artists of color.” 

B-Side Collective is committed to deconstructing the privilege that can often dominate musical spaces. Leviathan hopes to support B-Side’s mission, which is similar to its own, through holding the event in a space that fosters inclusivity. “As a creative who has experienced predominately white, heterosexual, and masculine artistic spaces as inaccessible and limiting, putting Leviathan Live in a safe, inclusive space like B-Side is very important to me,” Day said. The vulnerability of not only verbalizing personal writing but also identifying that writing with the bodily self, necessitates these inclusive and supportive spaces for both attendees and the contributing participants.  

Leviathan Live originates from the idea that there is power to reading work aloud, both for readers and listeners. “Not only does reading work aloud give it a voice, but a recognizable one,” said Communication and Content Editor Susanna Penfield ’20. “CC is a small campus and I think it’s important that we, as students, get the chance to put a face to words you might read or words to the face you see in class.” There is a thriving artistic community here on campus, from storytellers, to painters, to poets. Events such as Leviathan Live provide opportunities for artists to share their work in a supportive environment. 

“How often can you walk out of your home, and within five minutes, be in a crowd of people who love and are dedicated to creating meaningful things?” said Prose Editor Maggie O’Brien ’19 said. 

The most striking element of the Leviathan is the community that the publication fosters around its artistic creators and their products. Each editor provided a distinct vision for the power behind creative collaboration, which is only externalized in an event such as this. “Art is about community,” O’Brien said. “There is a two-dimensionality to a printed and digital magazine — Leviathan Live brings it all to life. I believe in the power of bringing our creative community together to share and appreciate everyone’s work.” 

Leviathan Live will take place from 3–5 p.m. at 801 N. Tejon Street on Saturday Dec. 8.

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