Odyssey Gastropub: Adventure Waits Just Blocks Away

Red brick walls, high wooden tables, and matching waxed floors make Odyssey Gastropub feel like a cabin in the mountains. The large window that covers the entire front wall fills the room with natural light, giving the restaurant a lively and casual atmosphere. 

The impression that beer was the main draw to Odyssey kept me from dining there, but it turns out the restaurant is much more than a regular pub. Rather than displaying neon signs advertising beer labels, or a television blasting the weekend football game, the decor features original art and decorative posters of all shapes and sizes. 

Odyssey Gastropub is a prime brunch destination in Colorado Springs, being just a short walk down Tejon Street, but the menu accommodates customers at every meal, with a wide variety of cuisines and flavors. No item on the menu costs more than $15. 

Photo By Nick Penzel

Similar to 503 W, Odyssey offers a series of fusion dishes on their menu. The “Chicken in the Nood” is a light, delicious meal made with chopped vegetables, fresh slivers of chicken, sweet chili oil, and a rice noodle base. If fusion is too much for the taste buds, the menu also offers dishes like chicken and waffles — in which bacon and corn are mixed into the batter — macaroni and cheese, mahi-mahi tacos, and assorted sandwiches and salads. 

The brunch menu adds a wonderful twist to regular dishes. The egg dishes are innovative and unique to Odyssey brunch. Options include the “I Coulda Been A Hamburger” Omelet made with mushrooms, bacon, and green onion and the “Breakfast BBQ Beni,” an eggs benedict made with pulled pork instead of the regular salmon or ham, charred tomato hollandaise, and potato hash. Brunch at Odyssey also includes all the classics, from biscuits and gravy to avocado toast, breakfast tacos, and sourdough French toast. 

The drink menu at Odyssey is equally exciting. Again, I feel partial to the brunch options, which include a fresh and spicy Bloody Mary, bottomless mimosas, and boozy coffee. 

Of course, beer is an essential element to the restaurant as well. The vision for Odyssey Gastropub came out of Broken Compass Brewing Company. The owners, Tyler Sherman and Jenny Schnakenberg, curated the pub as an inviting space where people could feel immediately welcome. The website reads, “Following a broken compass may lead you beyond where you planned to go.” Naturally, the name Odyssey is an adventurous experience for customers who visit, through the variety of food, drinks, and atypical design as a pub.  

 “It was like the typical brunch spot,” Jackie Bonasia ’19 said. “You could put it in any city and it would still translate over. The Brussels sprouts were good, perfectly charred and glazed.” 

Dining at Odyssey Gastropub takes you out of Colorado Springs for a moment, and allows the imagination to wander. The space feels universal, and offers something for every craving and occasion.     

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