ON TAP: Weird Beers in a Peaceful Place


With bright, warm  lighting, Trinity Brewing welcomes its patrons into a cozy brewery that feels like a place hiding in the snow at a ski resort. A long and vibrant tortoise-shell bar is emboldened by the large chalkboard above it, covered with beers listed in colorful chalk. The bar then wraps around to the entrance beside an archway made of books. Opposite the bar, six wood-frame windows allow patrons to peek at some of their brewing tanks. 

And that’s the feeling of Trinity Brewing — transparency. With a large variety of beers, friendly hosts, and the rumble of overlapping conversations, this bar is a welcoming place. To make it even more comforting, there are 21 beers on tap, a short list of liquors, and an air of experimentation. 

On the drink menu, beers are listed under three major categories: “Because We Have To,” “Because We Want To,” and “Because We Can.” Boasting one of the largest assortments of beers, in terms of style, Trinity Brewing really tries to separate itself from other breweries, using the dig of “Because We Have To” to acknowledge how many breweries do the same things all the time. They take their desire to be different even to their patio out front — which is dog-friendly, by the way — where the tables have barrels underneath with designs on the lids. 

Aside from the decor and friendliness of the staff, this place also has a great selection of food. They display a lot of vegetarian and carnivore options, clearly marked vegan options, and “WEEEiiii munchies,” among other things. For those who enjoy Bloody Mary’s, they also have a Sunday Bloody Sunday brunch, where patrons get a package deal of the “Trinitarian” house Bloody Mary, a Boddington beer back, and a meal. To see their other deals throughout the week, including new brew release parties and charity fundraising events, check out their website, which even has a live cam of what beers are on tap each day. 

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Style: Naked Bierre de Miel, brewed with local Black Forest Honey

While I liked this beer at the first sip, it soon became quite odd and even unfavorable. It has a strong honey aftertaste with a mildly flat composure, leading to a very sugary beer. The Thaison is a little syrupy with a low IBU, the bitter barley and rye being hardly recognizable. This beer, at 8.1 percent ABV, is also a little boozy, and I don’t care for the cidery taste that comes from this. Listed under “Because We Want To” on their menu, this beer made me feel that while they might “want” to make this beer, I don’t think they should. 

Super Juice Solution

Style: Sour Ale

This is one of the best sour ales I’ve ever had. It has a low but present amount of foam, so it is carbonated enough to give off a sweet citrusy smell. The sour tangy-ness comes on the back end with a smooth mouthfeel throughout. Whereas many other sour ales usually take the sour too far, this one seems to hold back a little and allows the citrus to speak for itself. It’s also a rather light beer, at 4.1 percent ABV, and pairs well with their chips and chunky salsa. 

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