Over Easy: Bringing Back Bacon and Eggs

There’s nothing like the smell of breakfast: the sounds of bacon sizzling on a griddle and black coffee being poured into mugs. Life as college students means we spend mornings rushing to get out of bed in time to finish reading before class, making a quick coffee, and running out the door with a bagel or soggy banana. The slow morning breakfast feels like a forgotten ritual.

Photo by Aaron Cronin

Over Easy: A Daytime Eatery, brings breakfast back to life. With three locations in Colorado Springs, there is no reason to continue neglecting old-fashioned breakfast or brunch on weekends and mornings off. The lively Sunday brunch crowd forms an authentic community in the restaurant space, celebrating the morning instead of dreading it. A Sunday morning at Over Easy presents a bustling atmosphere of forks and knives hitting giant white plates, while an open kitchen continues to tease waiting customers.

Although a wait is almost guaranteed, the restaurant location at University Village holds space for a giant community table that occupies the entire length of the room. The table is thin and lined with chairs on either side so you sit facing across from your dining partner, while also squished next to other community members. The closeness of the seating arrangement encourages conversation among strangers, often about the deliciousness of their breakfast meals. Dining out in Colorado Springs is one way to engage in the community outside of the Colorado College student body, but rarely do we actually engage with the people dining around us. Not only does the casual nature of brunch make these conversations more natural, but it also provides an atmosphere of sincere comfort and openness.

Over Easy takes one breakfast favorite and creates incredible variety from it. The menu offers entire individual sections dedicated to benedicts, pancakes, and French toast, creating ample options for one simple dish. The blue lump crab cake benedict arrives on a bed of spinach; the crab cake replaces an english muffin, bringing a new, crispy texture to the dish. Listed among the many French toast varieties is a stuffed French toast, infused with cream cheese, topped with a caramel drizzle, seasonal fruit, and cream anglaise.

The list of pancakes goes on, providing flavors and combinations never imagined before. At an incredibly reasonable price, the dishes offered on the menu are served in generous portions, and even ordering from the “lighter side” section of the menu will leave you will a full stomach. The organic breakfast quinoa is a dish somewhat foreign to the regular breakfast menu; it consists of quinoa cooked in coconut milk, to assume the texture of an oatmeal or porridge, and topped with honey, walnuts, and an assortment of berries.

“Mushrooms and melons really pair well together,” said Adela Burak ’19, after finishing her avocado toast accompanied by a unique and flavorful side salad. Even the typically insignificant parts of the meal are creative at Over Easy.

Not only is the food delicious, but Over Easy also strives to create a positive footprint on both a local and global scale. Most of the food presented on the menu is locally sourced, and the restaurant will not serve drinks with straws unless specifically asked, to reduce the amount of plastic waste they generate.

“Our company has always been involved in our local community and committed to charitable organizations across Colorado,” the website reads. “[Rocky Mountain Restaurant Group] has been recognized as Employer of the Year by ARC for our work with staff members with developmental disabilities, awarded the Gold Level sponsor award for contributions to the United Way, and recognized for our work with the Wounded Warrior Foundation and for assisting in the Foster Care community.”

Though a simple breakfast favorite, a true over easy egg takes care and attention to cook the right way. Not only is this genuine consideration infused into each dish offered at the eatery, but every dish also offers an authentic and flavorful spin to its classic taste.

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