“Relations” play incites discussion on campus sex culture

This weekend marks the debut for “Relations,” an annual play written, directed, and performed by Colorado College students concerning sexual behavior.

Submissions for the play were received early this semester, and auditions occurred a few weeks after that. All submissions come from the student body and can be about anything within the realm of sexual encounters. This year, topics range from light-hearted content, such as funny or embarrassing stories, to more serious topics, such as sexual assault and consent.
The overall play is broken up by piece and, according to cast member Nia Abram, there are over 20 pieces. These individual pieces include poems, monologues, narratives, public service announcements, partner scenes, etc. They are altered very slightly to better fit the script, which was being toyed with all the way up until a few weeks ago. Certain submissions have also been recycled from previous years.

The purpose of Relations is to uncover CC’s underground sexual scene and to expose what students are thinking, doing, and talking about. Although the pieces are all submitted by students, the submitters remain anonymous.

“The anonymity is important because there’s an honesty about what’s actually going on on-campus,” said Abram.

This year, Relations has three co-directors: Chloe Sharples, Sawyer Connelly, and Erica Hoffman. Auditions were open to the entire student body and occurred earlier this semester.

“It’s been a great experience, very eye-opening,” Abram said. “As an actor, doing pieces that other people have written, you really want to do them justice and reflect the person’s intentions. It has been a great way to put myself into someone else’s shoes.”

Abrams added that the pieces this year are very diverse and aim to voice the opinions of all CC students.

This year’s 12 actors include: Abrams, Stanley Carson, Erika Berglund, Sam Saccomanno, Gabriela Rodriguez, Emily Kautz, Greg Smith, Annie Woodward, Robert Peroutka, Sean Rapp, Forrest Rappaport, and Alyssa Miller. The second and third showings of the play will take place tonight and Saturday at 7 p.m., and the final performance will be on Sunday at 2 p.m. All performances will take place in Taylor Theater and there is a $5 suggested donation to TESSA and Inside Out. Tickets are available at the Worner Desk.

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