Silent Night: Fine Arts Center Hosts First-Ever Snow Ball


The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College (FAC) is hosting Snow Ball: A Silent Disco tomorrow tonight. This is the first event of its kind at the FAC, and it will feature collaborations with CC student DJs and the Denver-based company SoundDown Party.

Photo by Daniel Sarché

“This is the first silent disco the FAC has hosted, so we are very excited,” FAC Curatorial Assistant Blair Huff said. “This event is an invitation to engage with one of our exhibitions, ‘Beach Front,’ a site-specific, immersive installation created by William ‘Buck’ Walsky, who conceived the first iteration of this piece for the Burning Man festival.”

“Beach Front” is an outdoor installation that hangs at least 10 feet off the ground in the courtyard of the FAC. It features bicycle parts that move with the wind and LED lights that will be illuminated during the disco. According to the FAC, Walsky created the piece to showcase the fluid properties of the wind in a new way and to create a dialogue about climate change and rising sea levels.

The silent disco will take place under “Beach Front” in the FAC’s outdoor courtyard. Visitors are expected to dance outside while taking in the installation at night, a new experience for many. Throughout the night, dancers can change the music as often as they like. SoundDown Party will be providing headphones that allow attendees to listen to three different channels of music. The headphones are included with admission and will wirelessly connect to all of the music.

“As far as music goes, we’ve been talking about featuring a duel between our two DJed music channels, pitting house music against the decades ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and so on,” Huff said. “We are featuring three DJs. Two are current CC students, DJ Hop and DJ Taz, who will be collaborating on a set, while DJ Moonra will be providing another musical experience. Two of the channels will be music provided by our DJs, while the other channel will be ocean noises to mesh with the installation.”

DJ Hop, Nico Calabria ’18, and DJ Taz, Nelson Kies ’18, have been working on a set featuring many genres of music that represent both of their DJ styles. “There will be a mix of funk and dance with electronic influences. At the same time, Calabria and I have very eclectic tastes, so expect a little of everything,” Kies said. “That everyone can hear the music clearly and individually on their headphones is something we have been keeping in mind. A silent disco allows us to play songs that would not typically sound the same on a large sound system.”

This is Calabria’s second time playing a silent disco, but he has created a new playlist in preparation for the event and is ready to share it with the audience. “I’ve been working on the specific playlist for a week or two,” Calabria said. “Sometimes the energy needs to rise, and sometimes it needs to come down. I mix on the fly and based on genre and crowd energy. For this reason, my set might not always have the cleanest transitions, but it will hopefully give the crowd an enjoyable experience that is shared between DJ and crowd.”

This will be the first time that either DJ has performed at the FAC, and they are looking forward to the new experience. “My favorite part without question is being able to play music within the Buck Walsky installation in the courtyard,” Kies said. “Watching people dance underneath the mobile sculpture will be a beautiful sight.”

Following its merge with CC this past July, the FAC has made all students members of the museum and is working to include more students in events. Students can enter the museum for free, although some special events do require payment.

Snow Ball: A Silent Disco will take place at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center tomorrow tonight from 8-10:30 p.m. Admission is free for students with a CC ID.

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