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Welcome back to Story Time with Georgia, where I share weird bite-sized stories from members of the Colorado College community. Do you have a story that you think is funny but your friends are sick of hearing? Is there a weird little anecdote deep in the recesses in your mind you want the world to know? Email me at! 


Who: Kendal McGinnis ’19

When: New Year’s Eve 2018

What: Kendal, You’re Doing Amazing Sweetie

Everyone knows going out on New Year’s is overrated, which is why CC senior Kendal McGinnis spent hers at home in California watching “When Harry Met Sally” and drinking champagne with her parents. They finished the movie and watched the ball drop in Times Square, and many glasses of champagne later she was simply lounging by the fireplace with her headphones in. 

The thing about fireplaces is that they are hot when they have fire in them, and McGinnis was starting to get a little toasty. Naturally, she got naked to regulate her temperature, and pragmatically asked her mother to have an impromptu nude photoshoot. She sent the pictures “to [her] friends as jokes” with the caption “[politically correct] mom,” which is funny, so good job, Kendal.

Takeaway: Kendal’s mom is coming for Kris Jenner’s “momager” position


Who: Leah Barazani ’21, Part Two

When: 2007

What: Invented Jonah Hill

Sophomore Leah Barazani’s seventh grade english class at Maplewood Middle School in New Jersey was doing a unit on Shakespeare, and one of her homework assignments (a middle school classic) was to write a sonnet. As she brainstormed the perfect name for her poem’s love interest that night, she struggled to find one that “felt right” but still had the correct amount of syllables. After coming up with and discarding a baby book amount of names, she experienced a stroke of genius: miraculously, the name “Jonah Hill” popped into her head, and it was perfect. Also, she said, “it sounded kind of dramatic so I used it.” 

Sure that she’d invented the name “Jonah Hill” as much as J.K. Rowling had originated “Hermione Granger,” she proudly submitted her poem to her teacher the next day. He looked it over and said, “Oh! You know, I met Jonah Hill once.” Barazani “thought he was joking because I invented that person.” She’d even used his name as the title of her sonnet, and just kind of awkwardly laughed because she thought he was attempting humor. Twelve years later, the disappointment of learning he already existed still stings, but she will always have invented him in her heart.

Takeaway: I personally wish she’d used McLovin instead.  

Illustrations by Lee O’Dowd

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