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Welcome to Story Time with Georgia, where I share weird bite-sized stories from members of the Colorado College community. I love hearing about both the trivial and the dramatic parts of people’s lives, so if you’ve had an awkward Tinder date, gotten in trouble, developed a food allergy at an inconvenient time, almost died (figuratively or literally), used Wikihow for something Wikihow probably shouldn’t be used for, or have any story you wish to tell me, email me at 

Who: Anna Hill ’21

When: December 2018

What: Affair Accusations While Working at Dialogue Center

While working at CC’s Dialogue Center in December, Anna Hill ’21 spoke on the phone to a man who was muttering to himself while listening to her and answering her questions. A little weirded out, she asked if he would rather have her call back another time, but he told her that he could talk, his date was just in the bathroom. Hill continued delivering her spiel until she heard a door slam in the background and a different man (Man #2) yell, “Honey, I’m home!” Man #2’s tone suddenly became angry, and Hill heard him ask Man #1 who he was and why he was in his house. Hill again offered to call back later since he seemed pretty occupied, but she said that Man #1 “kept trying to, like, insert himself back in our conversation” despite being actively involved in a trespassing accusation. In the background, Man #2 was yelling questions along the lines of, “Where is my wife?” and “Why are you on my computer?” Still on the phone with Hill, Man #1 “was trying to explain that they were coworkers,” while Man #2 got progressively angrier in the background. Hill then hung up — it was getting too weird, with maybe the weirdest part of the whole thing being Man #1’s dedication to her call. “It was crazy,” Hill said.

Takeaway: Being in the middle of getting caught trespassing and/or having an affair makes you too busy to talk on the phone.

Who: Leah Barazani ’21 

When: Oct. 3, 2018

What: Forgot to Lock Bathroom Door (Featuring Menstrual Cup)

Cartoon By Lo Wall

It was a crisp fall morning when Leah Barazani ’21, environmentalist and menstruator, entered the Loomis gender-neutral bathroom to empty her Diva Cup — a reusable silicone cup that can be used in place of disposable menstrual care products like pads or tampons. Seated on the toilet, Barazani removed the cup to dump it out, first holding it up to the light because, in her words, “sometimes you just want to see how much is in there.” Just as she was examining it “pre-dump,” she heard the door swing open and made eye contact with a “handsome freshman boy” in front of her, who was encountering the sight of his eco-friendly neighbor holding a strange, incomplete-egg-shaped thing full of blood high in the air. After loudly and somewhat terrifiedly apologizing, he flung the door shut and presumably ran away, leaving Barazani alone again with her cup and her thoughts. She is a strong advocate of normalizing menstruation, so this moment was basically activism, but she looks back on it with a newfound gratitude for bathroom locks.

Takeaway: Barazani strongly recommends menstrual cups. 

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