Streetcar520: Our New and Already Notoriously Friendly Neighbors

The doors of Streetcar520 opened to the Colorado Springs community on Aug. 4, located at 52 S Tejon St, a building that was home to Colorado Springs’ downtown trolley cars during the 1900s. Today, the interior closely resembles a modern American diner. The walls are tall and covered in colorful murals of women with long hair. Blue booths line the side wall and the center of the space, and in the summer, customers can sit outside facing the street. Hanging lights send a deep glow throughout the room, giving the impression of bright stars against the dark ceiling.

Photo by Nick Penzel

The menu itself matches the authentic and complex aesthetic of the physical space. Not only is all the food fresh and locally sourced, but it also receives inspiration from global cuisine. The “shared plates” function like appetizers but invite a culture of community, encouraging customers to participate together in one dining experience. Shared plates include garlic parmesan artichoke with lemon aioli dipping sauce, kimchi fries, and shrimp and crab tempura avocado rolls. The shared plates are large enough that they can serve as meals themselves, promising a sufficient amount of food for about $10 per person.

“The rolls were like fried sushi with creamy avocado on top and melted in my mouth,” Maria Cortner ’19 said. “We ordered the kimchi fries, shrimp and crab avocado rolls and mussels, and were so full and satisfied we never made it to the main course.”

For those who prefer not to share, the menu also offers fresh salads, including a burrata salad and the bodhi bowl, which is composed of a variety of colorful, crunchy, and fresh vegetables. The sandwich selection consists of everything from a chicken or pork banh mi to a juicy “520 Burger.”

While the food at Streetcar520 is made to a standard of authenticity and freshness, the cocktail selection takes the restaurant to a whole new level. With all drink ingredients made fresh in-house and drink titles such as “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” and “Rosemary’s Berries,” customers can find color and flavor in all aspects of their meal.

“Our mission at Streetcar520 is to indulge the curious, inspire the conversationalist, and welcome the wanderers,” the restaurant’s website reads. “It will be a place where hugs are preferred to handshakes, meals will be prepared to bring people together, and the service will delight!”

The restaurant already has a sense of strong community, with a talkative inside atmosphere and a more casual outdoor scene.

“The waitress was lovely. She greeted us like it was the first time she was seeing us every time she came to the table,” said Cortner. “As far as the place goes, it feels hip and cool without being overwhelming, unwelcoming, or too loud. It has a good balance.”

Streetcar520 possesses a deep sense of openness and connection with Colorado Springs. It may be new on the block, but Streetcar520 is already a valuable part of our community.

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