Tater Tots and Skater Thoughts

With the return of a new school year comes the anticipation for the best welcome back to campus: Midnight Breakfast at Rastall. From 11:30 on Friday night to 12:30a.m., Rastall was the destination for some much-loved late night eats. For a heart-to-heart over chocolate chip pancakes or a laugh with old pals whilst stuffing one’s face with donuts, Rastall becomes the epitome of the Colorado College experience for the short hour every block.

Although midnight breakfast is considered a CC tradition, its history only spans the last couple of years. “We started Midnight Breakfast several years ago as a way to create community and enhance some of our major events. Rochelle Mason, Senior Associate Dean of Students said, “It has continued because student feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

The feedback really is astounding. Junior Wileen Genz, a transfer student from Wesleyan University, offers a unique perspective on campus programming since she comes from another like-minded school. Genz commented on the sense of inclusivity and place particular to CC’s campus and midnight breakfast. “It’s a great way to see friends you haven’t talked to in ages and meet people you wouldn’t otherwise get to reach out to. As a transfer last year, it really allowed me to expand my social circle,” Genz said. Students largely agree on the community that the event fosters.

Although her previous school had a similar event, Genz described notable differences between the two, “What’s unique about CC events is that they’re very accessible and even students who live off campus come to them.” According to Mason, at the higher volume events, Rastall can see over 600 students in one night.

The Bon Appetit staff works hard to accommodate all of the students. That being said, according to Director of Operations, Austin Kumm, this Friday had more students attend than expected. “To my knowledge, we have never fully run out [of food]. But this last weekend was close,” Kumm said.

The food itself has slightly changed over the years, until ultimately settling on the classic staples. Staff arrive at 9:00p.m. to start preparing the pancake batter and tater tots. “Over the years it has evolved to what it is now—pancakes, tots, and doughnuts. We have tried other things but this is definitely the hit,” said Kumm.

Students are fairly protective of this menu. CC junior and lover of midnight breakfast, Tess Rudd, explained, “I would be pretty upset [if the menu changed]. Tater tots, pancakes, and doughnuts pretty much define midnight breakfast.” The expectation of breakfast staples is what makes this event so popular. With such positive student feedback, Bon Appetit foresees no menu changes in the near future.

First year Magdalena Sotelo called her first experience with midnight breakfast “the icing on the cake” to an eventful first week. “It just provides a social setting where you can run into friends we have not seen in a long time and talk endlessly without realizing how late it really is. This also makes you forget about all of your readings or assignments that you usually have in the back of your mind,” said Sotelo.

To continue the back to school celebration, campus activities added late-night skate to last Friday’s festivities. For new and returning students, this was a welcomed addition. Sotelo described CC’s campus programming as one of the many reasons she chose the college. Midnight Breakfast is often a part of the Office of Admissions’ Open House events, allowing prospective or accepted students to get a taste of the tradition.

Per CC tradition, the event consisted of plenty of funky outfits, colloquially known as “flair.” This unadulterated authenticity is characteristic of CC, something that Genz frequently notes. “A few guys had on a kind of 1920’s look with suspenders and kind of put on a show tossing around their hats. There were also a few snazzy outfits out there,some bold colors and such,” she said.

As Campus Activities notes, ever response surrounding the event has been positive. “Most of the feedback is that students have asked us to continue what has become a great CC tradition,” Mason said. And, as any CC student well knows, an event with food is an event well attended.

The next midnight breakfast is on Saturday, Sept. 9. from midnight to 1:00a.m.

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