The FAC Brings Prom to Campus

Prepare to dance the night away on Saturday night in the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College.

Nico Calabria ’18, known as DJ Hop, will be one of the DJs at the upcoming FAC Prom event. Photo by Daniel Sarché

The FAC hosted its first-ever silent disco in December. Since the event was such a success, they are putting on another. The event in December was called “Snow Ball.” The upcoming disco will take people back to high school with a “Prom Redux” theme. Prom attire is encouraged, but not required.

“It will be very similar to the Snow Ball, but this time we’re also positioning the event as a prom redux,” FAC Curatorial Assistant Blair Huff said. “Attendees are welcome, but of course not obligated, to dress up to relive (or redo) their original prom experience. We also hope to have a photographer on hand to recreate those fantastically awkward prom photos.”

Like Snow Ball, Prom Redux will also take place in the FAC courtyard, underneath Buck Walsky’s “Beach Front” display. The display features LED lights, which will glow along with the special headphones in illuminating the event.

“In addition to providing a unique way to experience Buck Walsky’s immersive art installation ‘Beach Front,’ this also provides us another opportunity to highlight local DJs,” Huff said. “CC students DJ Hop and DJ Taz will be returning for this event, and we’re excited to include a new musical voice with DJ Gravity.”

CC students Nico Calabria ‘18, known as DJ Hop, and Nelson Kies ’18, known as DJ Taz, will perform along with DJ Gravity. Calabria and Kies also served as DJs during Snow Ball and are looking forward to their next silent disco.

“My favorite part of DJing Snow Ball was looking out from the DJ booth to see who was listening to what channel,” Calabria said. “As a DJ, you need to have a feeling for how the crowd reacts to your music. The colored headphones let you know when the audience is really feeling a particular song, so it is kind of like direct feedback. Plus, the light installation was really cool and I liked going out with some headphones to experience the other side of the event.”

Calabria is preparing for Prom Redux the same way he did for Snow Ball: planning a general idea of what he wants his set to look like, but also being prepared to adapt to the audience’s feelings on the fly.

“I hope I can put together a worldly set that brings diverse styles of music together around the classic four on the floor house beat,” Calabria said. “I love Afro-Caribbean rhythm and I think Latin-influenced dance music exists in a cool space between house and samba/salsa/reggaeton, and other genres. I am looking forward to playing danceable, groovy music for an audience in an awesome location.”

The headphones given to attendees at the event are included with admission and will wirelessly connect to the music. These headphones will allow participants to change stations to hear several different styles of music.

“I had never experienced a silent disco myself before, so I was really struck by the communal atmosphere,” Huff said. “You would think that you’d feel more divided from the group since everyone is listening to their own headphones, but the experience feels more unifying than anything. Plus, it’s an almost surreal experience to be able to take off your headphones and either chat with a friend without having to yell over the music or just watch the dancing.”

The doors will open for the dance at 8 p.m., and admission will be free to CC students with their student ID.

Arielle Gordon

Arielle Gordon

Arielle is a sophomore at CC. She currently writes for the Sports and Life sections. When she is not writing, Arielle enjoys skiing and watching The West Wing.

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