Till Kitchen: A Tabletop Treat

Walking into Till Kitchen, a restaurant located at 9633 Prominent Point, is like entering a modern home. The space has an earthy feel, with an intentional color palate of brown, beige, and grey. The large, open room glows with hanging lights of various shapes, dispersed evenly throughout the space. Large bouquets of colorful flowers fill the room, making the dining experience a special one; the restaurant feels like an affordable location for a wedding rehearsal, an evening out with the family, or a special date night. The walls holding up high ceilings are decorated with large black and white prints of fresh farmed food, a visual representation of Till’s commitment to sustainable practices. Their salmon is wild-caught, and their meat, poultry, and eggs are pasture-raised and hormone-free. Even their water is of the highest quality, filtered through reverse osmosis. Not only is the restaurant aesthetically pleasing, but it is also architecturally sustainable, featuring reclaimed materials such as beetle-kill pine tables. 

“Being at Till feels like escaping Colorado Springs for a bit,” said senior Sophia Skelly. “Each item on the menu is served like a piece of art, and you can taste each individual flavor in the meal.” 

Although it gives the impression of a high-end, mature restaurant, the food on the menu remains affordable, and arrives in generous quantities. The entrees are significantly more affordable on the lunch menu, however, offering a selection of sizeable sandwiches, wraps, and meats for just below $15. Some of these options include a Colorado lamb gyro wrap, beer-battered fish and chips, and a Greek garden wrap. The starters are wonderfully varied and perfect for sharing, ranging from dishes like blistered shishito peppers — drizzled in a soy-chili glaze, spicy aioli, and sesame — to roasted cauliflower, wood-grilled artichoke, and the date plate that consists of bacon romesco, whipped goat cheese, and grilled sourdough bread. The menu also offers a large selection of freshly made pizza, all for under $15. If this sounds too heavy, there is also a list of healthy and substantial salads available. 

Eating at Till allowed me to enjoy an intentional meal. Without asking, the server brought our appetizer out first and patiently waited as we indulged in the dish together, before she brought out our main meals. The atmosphere at Till is pleasantly inclusive, encouraging conversation between customers, and not once did I feel rushed to leave. This is the restaurant where many Colorado College students venture with their families when they come to visit, as there is never a wait for space, the food is guaranteed to taste delicious, and it asks to be shared amongst hungry mouths. 

Although most of the building space is dedicated to the restaurant, it also includes a small, fresh market with delicious and nutritious treats, frozen meals, spreads and sauces, drinks, and cute knick knacks for your kitchen at home. 

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