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There’s a new brewpub downtown: Triple S Brewing (located at 318 E. Colorado Ave.) opened its doors to Colorado Springs beer-lovers in mid-October and has quickly proven itself in the industry.

Triple S Brewing is the brainchild of Steve Stowell, a retired Army Special Forces Officer. Steve’s impressive accolades don’t stop there, as he is also a Nationally Recognized Beer Judge and a Cicerone Certified Beer Server. Steve’s passion for brewing was born out of necessity. When he was in the army he moved every two years, which exposed him to lots of great craft beer in states such as Colorado, Washington, and Kansas. However, when he got to Louisiana in 2009, he found himself in a ‘craft beer desert,’ deeply disappointed with the quality of beer options available to him. As a result, Steve began home brewing with minimal equipment in a bathtub. Things got better from there and now here we are six years later and Steve is running his own wonderful craft brewpub.

The three letters “S” of Triple S Brewing stand for: Sip, Savor, and Stay. The brewpub blends the style and atmosphere of the pubs of England with the coffee shops of America. The combination Steve conceived results in a comfortable yet fun all inclusive neighborhood space for students, business people, veterans, and al other types of locals can convene and have a good time. Triple S has free Wi-Fi, craft kombucha and sodas, spirits, wine, and food (and of course great beer).

When I went to have a beer with Steve, he told me that to be successful in business, you must be “cheapest, first, or different”. Being cheapest doesn’t make sense because you can’t be cheaper than Coors while making a significantly superior product, and Triple S sure couldn’t be first with the over 200 breweries already in existence in Colorado. So Steve focused on the ‘different’ part, and oh man has he found a way to be different.

Starting Dec. 15, Triple S will begin a ‘milkman-style’ growler delivery service that is the absolute first of its kind in Colorado (and perhaps the entire U.S.). The service will initially serve the 80903 zip code, which includes both on- and off-campus housing at Colorado College! All you have to do is call ahead, choose a beer, and then schedule a time to meet the delivery person to receive your growler. When you meet the delivery person you must show an ID and hand them and empty growler (after paying a $3 deposit for the first growler). The cost will be $14 per growler (plus $3 deposit for every growler you’re missing to exchange). The service is perfect for CC students because you can get craft beer delivered to your door with only a $1 upcharge for delivery on top of what you would pay to fill a growler down at Triple S. If the service is successful, Steve will eventually expand the service to include more zip codes and on-demand delivery (and maybe even food too). You can reach the growler delivery service at (719) 344-5477 starting December 15th.

In its young stages, Triple S Brewing is already doing wonderful things for the Colorado Springs craft beer scene. I’m excited to see watch how they continue to grow and innovate over the next few years. Support the local beer scene and head down to Triple S, or just have it delivered to you.

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