Weekly Workout: Pull-Ups and Burpees

This week’s workout builds on last week’s by combining strength and cardio. When performing this workout, it is a good idea to keep a steady pace. It is often difficult to know the perfect pace, but that usually comes with repetition. Another great thing about this workout is that it is all body weight, so the only equipment you will need is a pull-up bar.

Pull-Up Technique:

– Provide appropriate modifications so that you can easily reach the pull up bar without jumping, as jumping and holding onto the bar can strain the rotator cuff. There are many different pull-up grips, but this workout will focus on a standard grip.

– Place your hands on the bar slightly farther than shoulder width. Palms should be facing away from you with every finger wrapped around the bar. If this is a new movement for you, you may want to practice just hanging on the bar so you get used to the grip.

– From the hanging position begin to engage your shoulders and core and pull yourself up. If you are a beginner at pull-ups, you may not be able to pull yourself up that far, and you will need to work on your pull-up strength. To complete a full pull-up, raise yourself up until your chest meets the bar. You may use your legs to help you up, as these are not fully strict pull-ups. You may also use a box or the ground to help you raise yourself up, but again, make sure you already have a solid grip on the bar before you begin to jump. You can also use a band. Thread the bad around the bar by forming a loop and putting the entire band through the loop. Place one foot at the bottom of the band and wrap your other foot around the foot that is in the band. This will give you a spring support and will help you raise yourself up. Modifying pull-ups will help you build up your pull up strength.

Burpee Technique:

Make sure to give yourself a large amount of space. Start by standing up straight. Begin to lower yourself into a squat positions making sure that as you lower down your weight is in your heels.

After you are in a squat position, place your hands on the ground and make sure your entire palm is making contact with the ground. After this, kick back both your legs at the same time so that you land in a plank position making sure that your entire back is parallel to the floor.

Lower yourself to the floor until your entire body is touching the floor. Then, start to raise yourself up and then begin to jump your legs back to the initial squat position. Stand up and finish the burpee with a jump. One thing to keep in mind while doing a burpee is to make sure your shoulders never come forward and pass your shoulders while in a plank position. This is a movement that can be done at different speeds and the speed can be adjusted depending on your level.

The Workout:

Repeat this three times as fast as possible while keeping good technique.

10 pull-ups

20 burpees

5 pull-ups

10 burpees

3 pull-ups

5 burpees

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