Colorado Moose are on the Loose

Catalyst Audio | Audio-documentary | Released Mar. 29, 2019

The Colorado moose population is on the rise – and people are noticing. Recent sightings include moose in Manitou Springs and on Pikes Peak, as well as at popular Colorado ski slopes. The population increase is impacting hunters, drivers, outdoor enthusiasts, and elements of the state’s ecology.

In this week’s audio release, producer Sam Sanson digs into the details of why you are now more likely than ever to spot a moose in Colorado.

Lead photo courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Sam Sanson

Sam Sanson

Sam Sanson class of 20' is a producer for the Catalyst's audio section. She is majoring in Film and Media Studies and has noticed that when you point a camera at someone they usually act. She says this isn't the case with a mic and that she is excited to produce authentic radio stories! She enjoys soccer, spikeball, snowboarding, hiking, biking, and almost anything outside.
Sam Sanson

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