B-Side Collective Announces New Practice Space for Student Musicians

Last Wednesday, the B-Side Collective held an open meeting to discuss their exciting plans for the new B-Side Collective practice space, due to open this fall.

The B-Side Collective was formed last year to offer an inclusive community for female, gender non-conforming, and/or queer/LGBTQIA+ artists at CC. The collective has been very involved with the SOCC and is working to be established as a club of its own for next year. “Eboni [Statham] had the original idea of a collective for underrepresented musicians, with the idea of a ‘collective’ as very intentional,” said B-Side Collective member Kyra Bergsund.

Although only formally formed a year ago, the idea for the B-Side Collective has been in the works for a while. “In a way we’re responding to a void in the music scene,” said Bergsund. “It’s for people who aren’t in the mainstream music scene and are having a hard time finding a place to meet people and progress.”

Even considering the bands that have, performed at Llama the past decade; the majority of the bands have been male heavy groups. Although the Collective wants to be clear that it is for people of all identities and their new space next year is open to everyone. “We’re not trying to put any gender, sexuality, or race on it,” Bergsund explained. “It’ll be a place where people can convene from all identities.”

The B-Side Collective’s new space for next year will be student led with resources for all artists. In addition to individual and group practice rooms, a gallery of rotating student work is also being developed. “We have Sacred Grounds, but other than that there’s not really a space for performances,” said Bergsund. “It’s not going to be a large space but there’s going to be lots of room for collaboration.”

The space will be on Yampa, next to the old KRCC location. The Collective brought in architects to renovate the space, revamping the two-story building for next year’s use. “We’ll be able to do a lot more in the form of programming and education,” explained Bergsund on the opportunities the space will offer next year. “We’re planning a workshop series and skill shares; lots of things that wouldn’t necessarily be available to people unless you took a music class.”

The B-Side Collective’s new space of performance and collaboration will open this fall and, in addition, they will again be hosting another B-Side Collective festival late first block or early second. The Collective is looking forward to another year of progressing the performance scene for artists and people of all identities.

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