Bambino’s Urban Pizzeria opens

Are you tired of eating on campus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Or, are you craving the variety and atmosphere that only off-campus eateries can provide? If you identified with either of those emotions, a new restaurant downtown may be your answer. Conveniently close, Bambino’s Urban Pizzeria is a 15-minute walk from Worner.

At its new location on 36 E. Bijou St., Bambino’s Urban Pizzeria moves from a more traditional Italian ambience to a cutting-edge, speedier contemporary pizzeria. As it is located in the fast-paced, downtown setting, the pizzeria combines speed and quality without not sacrificing its homemade tradition to promise its customers a tongue-taking pizza in 10 minutes. In the meantime, customers can see their pizza being made through a large window in its open-performance kitchen. There is also a “Dough Room,” where customers can watch how the Neapolitan pizza dough is made from scratch. The restaurant offers both an enjoyable sit-down eating experience for those with time, and a more fast food-like service for customers wishing to grab their pizza and go.

For $8.50, customers can create their own 11-inch Neapolitan pizza from scratch, and customize sauce, cheese, and a wide variety of unlimited meat and veggie toppings. Bambino’s also offers preset options, such as the “Unleash the Beast” pizza, which features classic red tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, crispy bacon, Italian sausage, pepperoni, and meatballs. “The Green Hippy” is a great alternative for vegetarians, involving fresh spinach, roasted garlic, and mushrooms with an Alfredo sauce base. Bambino’s Pizzeria also offers several mac and cheese dishes, spicy buffalo Alfredo, and salads for no more than $8.50. Desserts like cheesecake, apple pizza, and frozen custard are also available to soothe any sweet rather than salty cravings. Locally brewed beer and wine is offered for those 21 and over. For Colorado College students, Bambino’s Urban Pizzeria also offers a $10 weekly promotional special that includes a pizza and two sodas. If you dine with one other person, you’re essentially paying $5 for a pizza and a drink each.

Bambino’s Urban Pizzeria is open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Sundays to Thursdays, and 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

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