Butler Center Formal: A delightful affair

Written by Erik Laitos

This Sunday, I had the opportunity to attend the Butler Center Formal awards dinner, highlighting the principles of diversity and inclusion cherished by Colorado College. Held in the Antlers Hotel in downtown, the Butler Formal brought together a wide array of the CC community members to applaud the accomplishments of the newly formed Butler Center (formerly OMIS). The keynote speech from the electric Rosa Clemente, 2008 Vice-Presidential candidate for the Green Party, served to remind each of us that, despite what CC has accomplished in terms of diversity in the past few years, much work remains to make CC an ideally diverse and inclusive institution.

This year’s Butler Formal represented a massive improvement upon previous years, allowing the achievements of Butler Center group seniors (members of FemCo, BSU, ASU, NASU, MAPS, SOMOS, Glass House, LD on the DL, QCC, Ubuntu, MOSAIC, KASA, SASA, and EQUAL) to be appropriately celebrated. As a member of CC’s LGBTQ+ community, I thoroughly enjoyed the Butler Formal as an expression of unity, celebration, and achievement for the Butler Center groups. As CCSGA’s Vice-President for Finance, and thus largely responsible for funding the Butler Formal, I found that the event was totally worth its expense. I hope that, in years to come, the Butler Formal continues to raise awareness and fete the successes groups dedicated diversity and inclusion on campus.

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