Cameron Forth (R) Runs for Colorado’s 18th State House District

Cameron Forth will be on the Nov. 8 ballot as the Republican candidate for Colorado’s 18th state house district.

He will be running against Democrat Pete Lee, the incumbent going for his third term, and Libertarian Norman Johnson.

It was not until recently that Forth decided to run. In August, Sonya Rose, the original nominee for the Republican party, dropped out of the race for personal reasons, stating that it would be too difficult to split the time between being a politician and a mother. After a scramble, the party chose Forth from three potential candidates.

Forth grew up in Colorado Springs, and currently lives and works within District 18. His wife, Kate, is a Colorado College grad, and together they have four children. This localization may help him connect to the residents of the district.

Being nominated so recently puts Forth at somewhat of a disadvantage, giving him less time to campaign and get his name out. However, he has still managed to knock on nearly 3,000 doors and have conversations with many Colorado Springs residents. Additionally, he sees his short campaign as having the element of surprise.

“Somehow I feel it’s a little of an advantage,” said Forth. “He [Pete Lee] wasn’t really expecting much out of his opponent at such a late game. I don’t think he expected that somebody would come in two-and-a-half months before an election and be able to pull together a campaign like we have.”

If elected, Forth will look at the constitutionality of proposed bills and ask the question, is it benefitting the people? He wants to ensure that laws passed by the government are for the good of the people, not for the sake of government insiders and elites.

His website,, states “Cameron will fight for our freedom to govern ourselves and community as we see fit and will resist the big-government intrusion that leads only to divisions, poverty, and hopelessness.”

Other highlights of his platform include cutting taxes, initiating red tape for businesses, and bringing awareness to and fighting GMOs. He is against big government and large scale government regulation. He believes that “a ‘managed’ economy is in direct opposition to the prosperity of “We the People,” in fact, it’s stacked against us for the benefit of the insiders.”

Although he recognizes that government jobs have increased in number under Democratic legislation, he believes that given the overall trend of our economy, these jobs are unsustainable for the future. Instead, by cutting regulations on private businesses, he thinks that quality private-sector jobs will increase, resulting in a more stable local economy.

Perhaps his biggest strength is that he comes from a background outside of politics. He currently works as a professional land surveyor, and would offer a fresh perspective from long-term corrupt politicians, both Republican and Democrat.

“It’s getting an independent thinker, someone that’s not going to act like a normal politician,” said Forth. “Someone with a different background that’s bringing different ideas, and somebody that’s willing to listen to the people.”

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