CC Launches JED Campus Campaign for Mental Health


Colorado College has been an innovative and forward-thinking leader in the higher education community in Colorado regarding mental health and substance use issues. Most recently, in an effort to raise awareness of mental health concerns and campus resources available to graduates and undergraduates, CC has launched a staff and student led JED Campus campaign. CC’s JED Campus campaign is part of a nationwide initiative started by The Jed Foundation, an organization designed to empower schools to promote the emotional well-being of students. Through collaborative development and implementation of programs and policies that help students develop healthy coping and interpersonal skills, JED hopes to facilitate a stronger, more responsive community that expands the CC community’s capacity for responding to students in distress.

Photos by Nick Penzel

As a part of the CC JED Campus campaign, the organization is conducting “Healthy Minds Study,” which was administered to all CC students at the start of Half Block and will be running through the end of Block 5. Healthy Minds Study, as explained by their webpage is an annual web-based survey examining mental health, science utilization, and related issues among undergraduate students focuses exclusively on the mental health and related issues and becoming more knowledgeable about them, as well as examining the stigma associated with mental health. In addition, the campaign emphasizes the need for a better understanding of help-seeking behavior, the role of peers, potential gatekeepers, and other potential barriers to mental health service utilization. Healthy Minds Study has worked with over 150 college and university populations over the past 10 years and has reported results gathered from over 175,000 survey respondents. This organization has played a key role for colleges in assessing and identifying health trends and priorities, as well as developing strategies to reduce harm and coordinate campus health and wellness initiatives.

Participation in Healthy Minds Study is a key component of CC’s JED campus campaign effort to promote holistic wellness on CC’s campus. Talia Worth, a student-member of CC’s JED campus campaign, believes that the survey will have a long-standing positive outcome for the CC community. “At CC, there is a constant narrative that we need to work together to destigmatize mental health on our campus and beyond,” Worth said. “This survey is giving students the opportunity to share their own stories so that we can see significant changes in campus-wide engagement with mental health concerns and improve prevention and response strategies on campus. As someone who is passionate about breaking the stigma around mental health on our campus, I hope you will join us in taking the survey so we can implement comprehensive change.”

The study takes about 20 minutes to complete and is completely voluntary and confidential. Moreover, if you’re looking for incentive beyond providing CC with valuable information that will improve student life and promote holistic wellness, once you complete the study you will be entered into a sweepstakes for one of 10 100-dollar prizes and one of two 500 -dollar prizes. Furthermore, you are eligible for a random drawing for the following prizes, which will be given to students at Colorado College: One of 15, 10-dollar gift certificates to King Soopers, the CC Bookstore, Colorado Coffee, Wooglins, or La’au’s Tacos. Check your email for the link!

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