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Current Vice President of Outreach &  Student Trustee-Elect

Confused about governance at Colorado College? Want to be more involved? Want to take a front seat in decision-making for the school? If you answered yes to any of these above questions, apply to serve as a student representative on an All College Committee. These 12 committees are comprised of faculty, students, and staff, and all tackle important issues on campus. For example, the Curriculum Executive Committee is currently working on refiguring the General Education Requirements for future generations of CC students, the Provost’s Advisory Committee reads and approves all Venture Grant applications, and the Design Review Board looks at physical design problems and solutions on campus. These positions serve as ambassadors for the student body to faculty and staff alike. Most committees meet once a block for 1–3 hours. If you have any questions, please contact Lily Weissgold, VP of Outreach, at Applications are due Fourth Monday of Block 7 and can be found by scanning the QR code.    

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