Construction of Robson Hockey Arena to Begin Later This Year

In late 2016, former Colorado College hockey player Edward J. Robson ’54 gave an $8 million gift to the college to build a new hockey arena. The current plan is to build a 300–400 seat, single ice sheet facility at the corner of Nevada Avenue and Dale Street. The arena will be named Robson Arena after donor, Edward J. Robson.

The Honnen Ice Arena. Photos by Josh Birndorf

Construction of that arena is anticipated to start sometime this year, but there is no firm timeline for this construction. Once that work begins, the project will take about 16 to 18 months to complete. The rink’s construction will impact two college-owned buildings, and once completed, it will serve as the practice facility for the varsity hockey team and various intramural and club teams.

In order to make room for this arena, the CC Inn and a small building at the corner of Dale Street and Nevada Avenue will be torn down. However, this will supposedly not impact housing, as the beds in the CC Inn were offset by the new East Campus housing for a total net gain of 90 beds.

While there were hopes that the construction of the new arena on campus would better integrate the varsity hockey team into the community, they will still play games at the Broadmoor World Arena due to insufficient seating in Robson Arena. Ken Ralph, Director of Athletics, said, “There has certainly been some feedback from campus members asking the college to consider more seating and moving games to campus, but the current scope of the project does not include enough seating to consider that option.” Fortunately, the varsity hockey team will now be able to practice in the new facility, in addition to the intramural teams, the club hockey teams, and the club figure skating team.

As for Honnen Ice Arena, it will eventually be torn down and left as an open space to support activities taking place in Cossitt Amphitheater. While there haven’t been any design proposals or conceptual layouts of Robson Arena yet, Director of Sustainability Ian Johnson said that “any new arena will be a marked improvement on the current arena’s efficiency.” Honnen Arena is currently the most energy-intense building on campus; it uses far more energy per square foot than any other campus building. Johnson hopes that energy efficiency may be discussed at the end of February when the Board of Trustees meets and discusses options for the new arena. After that meeting, the college may know more particulars about the arena and its construction.

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