From the Editor: Running The Catalyst by the sea

Every issue at the beginning of the second semester includes a letter from the new Editor-in-Chief. They are the new face of The Catalyst, and their presence and leadership is imperative for the functionality of this weekly publication.

So, of course, they introduce themselves to the Colorado College student body.

In that regard, it would seem as though I had already stumbled as Editor in Chief. It’s one of the most basic tasks, but I didn’t do it. After working under former Editor-in-Chief, Jack Sweeney all last semester, who continued to build the paper as well as our new website, I may have faltered on my first chance to live up to him.

But I didn’t. I was just missing. Some of you knew, most of you didn’t. Writers still covered events. My editors still reviewed every word, every comma of their staffs’ work. And the paper was still published every week. But I was not here.

I was in Newport, Oregon with Dave Mason’s class, Reading and Writing the Sea. There, I lived in a house with seven other people and swam in the frigid Pacific Ocean. I thought I could get away from journalism for a block, maybe write a couple poems and a short story. It turned out I couldn’t, and I ended up writing a twelve-page, feature profile on a fisherman turned politician.

I couldn’t stray too far from the crazy kids at The Catalyst who, week after week, craft the quality newspaper I somehow became the face of as a little sophomore. I was never physically there on Thursdays when we design the paper (Jack was gracious enough to hold my place), but my voice was not missing.

Ask any of them, especially my two News Editors, Candalaria Alcat and Anna Smith, who probably have memorized my cell phone number by now since I talk to them almost every day wanting updates about their work. I promised I’d be there for the paper I had grown to love so much over the past year and a half even if I couldn’t be in the office on publishing days to order Chipotle for everyone.

As Editor-in-Chief, I’m supposed to run the show. Block Five proved, though, that my staff, whether the Online Editor, a Layout Editor, or a Guest Writer, is the foundation of this paper. My name just gets to be first on the list of editors on the bottom of the third page of the paper.

So, that’s my introduction. I am the Editor-in-Chief who was hired despite her absence her first block of the job. The Cutler Publications Board trusted me enough to do so, and, more importantly, I trusted my staff enough to accept the offer. As you all noticed throughout the first three issues of 2015, I had every reason to trust my talented staff.

In Oregon, I learned that I don’t just love journalism, I need journalism in my life to be who I am. I didn’t have The Catalyst fully in my life during Block Five, but I’m ready to foster its development alongside a staff who has ample passion and finesse.

Liz Forster

Liz Forster

Liz was the 2014-2015 Editor-In-Chief at the Catalyst. She has written for the Catalyst since her freshman year. In her free time, she likes to ski, bake, and read memoirs.

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