El Paso Republicans Jubilant Over Trump’s Election

Photo above: A Republican supporter celebrates President-elect Trump’s victory at the Antler’s Hotel in downtown Colorado Springs on Nov. 8. Photo by Nina Riggio

The Antlers Hotel in Downtown Colorado Springs is just one of the places where people will remember standing or sitting as Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America on Nov. 8, 2016. “It’s comparable to the moment 9/11 happened, as a mixed race female I will always remember what I was doing last night when he was elected,” said a first-year, half-black half-Lakota student  at Colorado College.

The hotel’s main floor was split into two rooms: one for Democratic supporters and one for Republican backers. The two could not have been more disparate by scene. By acquiring specific colored wristbands, you would be allowed in the separate rooms. The Democratic side had a band, tables outfitted with white cloth and flowers, and was filled to the brim with young people. The Republican side consisted of an older crowd.

“I don’t think you understand the importance of this election,” said Rich, a Gulf War Veteran.

“Ever heard of WikiLeaks? No? Alright well if you had been reading WikiLeaks you would know that Hillary Clinton was the apprentice of a communist and you can read her thesis online, that’s public knowledge. You know who we were fighting from 63’-75’….. the commies.”

Trump supporters at the Antler's Hotel. Photo by Nina Riggio
Trump supporters at the Antler’s Hotel. Photo by Nina Riggio

The sense of comradery within the “red room” was overwhelming. There were children crying, sounds of glasses chinking, and highschool-football-game-esque chants of “USA,USA,USA,” periodically for multiple hours.

“I did this for my 11-year-old daughter, her and her friends have been watching this race very carefully over the last few months and she’s afraid to speak about her opinion. I voted for Trump to keep her safe in this world. We need far less lying,” said Patsy, born and raised in Colorado Springs. “I’d rather have a misogynistic womanizer over a liar any day. Women have had to deal with that our whole lives, so we can just keep it up and try to make us better and stronger people.”

In addition to a crushing defeat to the Democratic nominee for president, the night also brought about a loss for Electra Johnson in El Paso county. Johnson would’ve been the first Democrat in the County Commissioner seat in 42 years. “We ran a hell of a campaign, I don’t know if we made a difference but we made it hurt,” Johnson said. “And now more than ever is the time to make a difference, so run for City Council, School Board, whatever. Get involved, we need your voices.”

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