Fesshaie, Fillion, & Greenberg: Meet CCSGA’s Newest Vice Presidents

The Colorado College Student Government Association election resulted in Ethan Greenberg elected as Vice President of Student Life, Sam Fesshaie as Vice President of Inclusion, and Ariel Fillion reelected as Vice President of Finance. CCSGA is an important organization that serves as a mediator between the administration and student body as well as serves to represent the values and ideals of the community. The newest elects are excited to continue current projects and further work on new and exciting initiatives.

New Vice President of Finance, Ariel Fillion. Photo by Marta Sola-Pfeffer

Ariel Fillion is a sophomore education major, race, ethnicity, and migration studies minor, and is involved in a variety of other commitments across campus. Fillion is a Resident Advisor in Mathias and will continue the position next year as an R.A. in the East Campus apartments. Fillion is also an incoming co-chair of the group Create, which mentors middle school girls with arts and crafts and offers them a place to talk about issues like self-image or family struggles. Fillion works at the Adam F. Press Fitness Center, is a member of CC’s Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, and is invested in spiritual life on campus as well. When not working, Fillion likes to volunteer at schools and hang out and play board games with friends.

This is Fillion’s second year as Vice President of Finance, and she hopes the second year will be even better than the first. Because of her familiarity with the role and its obligations, Fillion feels as though she will be able to accomplish more with “less of a learning curve.” She will be able to jump right into the position instead of spending valuable time learning the ropes.

As far as finance goes, this is crucial because Fillion has advance knowledge of the big events coming up and how expensive they can be as well as the amount of planning that goes into them. Fillion also recognizes the importance of meeting with co-chairs of student organizations around campus in order to be as transparent as possible. Solid collaboration ahead of time when seeking funding has proven to be the most efficient way to put on successful events. Fillion wants to make sure students and groups are reflecting after these events to offer feedback and improvement for the future.

New Vice President of Student Life, Ethan Greenberg. Photo by Phillip Engh

Her interest was sparked last year when several friends of hers came back from meetings with the Finance Committee and said they were uncomfortable asking for money for their organizations or events. This seemed ridiculous as the money is not actually CCSGA’s, but rather the student body’s. CCSGA is merely in charge of how the money is distributed.

“I wanted to change the climate of the Finance Committee to be a comfortable atmosphere—being very transparent with financial decisions,” said Fillion. “We pride ourselves on this and where student’s money’s going.”

Familiar with the structure of CCSGA and the ongoing projects, Fillion is ready to continue her duties. She wants to make sure the Finance Committee is more than a funding body, but also a collaborative entity ready to aid student issues. Fillion is very excited to see the potential of the executive body as a whole.

First-year Ethan Greenberg, the Vice President of Student Life, is newer to the scene but just as excited. Greenberg became interested in the position after serving as First-year Representative for CCSGA. Greenberg thoroughly enjoyed being part of the organization and, being already familiar with the projects and initiatives, decided to run for the vice president position. Aside from CCSGA, Greenberg is a Catalyst news writer and a part of the CC Prison Project and the Justice Corps.

New Vice President of Inclusion, Sam Fesshaie. Photo courtesy of Sam Fesshaie.

Greenberg described the Student Life Committee as “the most nebulous.” The primary role is chartership of student groups and their bylaws. In a more general sense, the committee addresses all student concerns. Some of their projects are creating an online reporting platform for sexual assault survivors, getting rid of disposables in the dining halls, ensuring the college maintains its promises regarding the Global Scholars Program, and successfully integrating and giving power to the newly formed Inclusion Committee. “It’s the pilot year [of the committee] and it’s up to CCSGA to make sure it’s truly successful,” said Greenberg. While not available for an interview, Fesshaie was elected vice president of the new committee.

Greenberg also stressed that CCSGA serves as a liaison between the students and administration; while the organization cannot control things such as allotting financial aid or ensuring carbon neutrality, they can continuously push the administration towards those goals. In addition, the Student Life Committee is working especially hard to change CC culture from the current perception of needing money to have fun by doing things such as providing more on-campus Block Break opportunities.

Emily Kressley

Emily Kressley

Emily, class of 2020, is an environmental policy major originally from Essex, Conn. While she is drawn to Colorado for its mountains and skiing, she has found strong communities within the CC Cutthroat rugby team, Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and, of course, The Catalyst staff.

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