Figel, Greene, and Merrill: Introducing TWIT’s Newest Members

TWIT, Colorado College’s improvisation group, accepted three new members during Block 7 to replace its graduating seniors.

Sophomores Julia Greene, Theo Merrill, and first-year David Figel were added to the crew and had their first performance last block. The new members expressed excitement in continuing the tradition of outstanding improv performed every Monday of fourth week. TWIT is also holding an improv jam tonight around 9 p.m. after Sun Butter, a comedy open mic.

New TWIT members from left: Julia Greene, David Figel, and Theo Merrill. Photo by Daniel Sarche

“It was terrifying,” said Merrill on joining TWIT. “There’s now not only a lot of stuff to measure up to, but you even feel a kind of responsibility to the audience to be funny… That being said, I thought it was a lot of fun.”

Before each show, members choose goals to focus on that correspond with skills that they could improve on. Because of this, they are often hard to achieve.

“My show goal was to not laugh in the middle of a scene, and I broke it in every single scene,” said Greene. “It was good otherwise though. I had some good punchlines that people laughed at.”

To prepare for shows, TWIT practices four times a week for an hour and a half. The practice starts with a brief person-to-person warmup, and then proceeds into various improv games. A different person leads each rehearsal and chooses games aimed at improving a specific skill.

“Each rehearsal is run by one person in the group and alternates through because it’s kind of a leaderless group, which is cool,” sai

The current members of TWIT at a performance earlier in the year. Photo courtesy of Catalyst Archives

d Merrill.

TWIT’s intensive practice schedule is reflected in their performances. Nearly every show is filled to capacity, and their shows offer a much-needed break for students stressed during fourth week.

During auditions, students participated in multiple rounds of improv games in groups of three, with TWIT members observing and participating.

“That was really fun,” said Greene. “I think that a lot of people come to auditions without necessarily being like, I’m gonna get in or I’m trying to in. It’s just a really good time to get to improv with people.”

Four guys and four girls were then called back for a more intimate audition. Among the games was a two-minute monologue during which the participants auditioning had to assume the role of many different characters spontaneously.

“I thought it was the most fun,” said Merrill. “You just start going off the top of your head, like, bizarre, terrible ideas… you get to show a bunch of different characters and physicalities and voices, which I thought was a blast. Definitely super stressful though.”

The four graduating seniors leaving TWIT are Lukey Walden, James Ryan Dinneen, Alec Sarché, and Clay Edwards. Their last show of the academic year is on Monday, May 15. Be there, and get ready to laugh.

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