Fossil Free CC Builds New Partnerships Across Campus and Community

At the beginning of this semester, the Fossil Free CC campaign was launched by a group of first-years on campus. The goal of this organization is to convince Colorado College to divest the school’s large and growing endowment still invested in the fossil fuel industry.

“The movement to divest from fossil fuels is addressing climate change, which is an intersectional issue,” said Charlie Szur, one of the campaign leaders. “Environmental racism and injustice are closely tied with climate change, and divestment is one small step to deconstruct these systems of oppression and injustice,” he continued.

Over the past two blocks, Fossil Free CC has garnered about 400 signatures on their petition, and have partnered with both Climate Reality and EnAct. In addition, they have reached out to leaders of previous divestment campaigns at CC and of campaigns at other institutions to learn about what makes CC’s endowment and community unique. Most importantly, Fossil Free CC has helped to make the issue of fossil fuel divestment more of a discussion on campus.

Currently, Fossil Free CC is working with other student organizations to gain support for their campaign and increase the signature count on their petition. Additionally, Fossil Free CC is drafting a letter to be distributed to faculty for support. “Ultimately, we are excited to see the topic of fossil fuel divestment becoming prevalent on campus, and we are doing all that we can to facilitate conversation within the student body regarding the issue,” Szur explained.

The school has also been assisting this organization, as they too want it to succeed. “The college’s administration and faculty have been incredibly accessible and have provided vital insight into the workings of the college and of the endowment,” Szur said.

As far as their goals for the future, Fossil Free CC is hoping to work with the Colorado College Student Government Association to pass a resolution in support of fossil fuel divestment, partner with other student organizations, and host events more frequently for the rest of the year. Next year, they hope to have the opportunity to present to the Board of Trustees regarding divestment during the November meeting. With all of the hard work being done, it seems imminent that CC will become a sustainable campus, supporting sustainable solutions in the near future.

Josie Kritter

Josie Kritter

Josie, class of 2019, is a political science major from Culpeper, Va. She writes for the news and opinion sections of The Catalyst. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading, and scuba diving (which is unfortunately almost impossible in Colorado).
Josie Kritter

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