Honors Convocation 2018

As the year comes to a close, it’s important to reflect on all that has been accomplished during this time. Honors Convocation, which took place in Shove Chapel on May 8, is an opportunity to celebrate the especially inquisitive and engaged members of Colorado College. This ceremony is a chance to acknowledge the hard work of select people who displayed not only outstanding attitudes towards learning and teaching, but who also pushed the boundaries of what was expected of them.

Photo by Nick Penzel

Soon after all the attendees stood for the entrance of the professors in their academic dress, Alex Hernandez-Sigel, chaplain and associate dean of students, said some words in invocation. He invited students to reflect on their journey at Colorado College and how they changed from their first day of New Student Orientation up to the moment in Shove when they were receiving an award. What are they passionate about? How did the students impact each other’s lives?

“These awards presented to you today are symbolic of exploring your passions, but also a recognition of taking risks in your learning and your endeavors,” said Hernandez-Sigel. “A role model for CC students to come.” He again articulated how it was time to reflect on what CC meant to them and to look toward the dawn of their great future.

Next to speak was Gena Jozef, president of Blue Key Honor Society. She thanked the academic event committee, the college event’s office, the faculty and staff who took part in nominating and selecting students, the CC Student Government Association for organizing the faculty awards, and finally, the volunteers of Blue Key who helped make this event possible. She also thanked the donors who sponsored those awards and who believe in the mission of Colorado College.

Jozef acknowledged that “each member of [the] Colorado College community recognized here today did not only face challenges, but had the ability to overcome them; it is only by challenges that [we can] push [ourselves] to work harder and achieve higher, understand each other better, and be the best community members that we can be.”

The convocation began with presenting departmental awards, where each department selected students for their outstanding academic achievement and work ethic. Following this was the bestowal of the all-college awards.

Professor Heidi Lewis received the Blue Key Award for a member of the faculty or administration that contributes significant time and effort to the student body of Colorado College. She was also the recipient of Lloyd E. Worner Teacher of the Year Award from CCSGA, which acknowledges a great teacher based on their intelligence, caring, and exceptional qualifications that they bring to teaching.

From CCSGA, John Henry Williams won the Individual Student of the Year Award, the Student Organization for Sexual Safety won the Involved Student Organization of the Year, and Dean Rochelle Mason won theBob Pizzi Outstanding Advisor of The Year Memorial Award.

All the recipients of the Community Engagement Recognition Awards were also acknowledged, but were awarded on an earlier date. Congratulations to all those who received an award this year!

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