Incarcerated Writers Series: Eyes Wide Shut

This series features writing from inmates at the El Paso County Jail. The articles stem from weekly programming facilitated by the Colorado College Prison Project. Through contact between the CC community and Colorado Springs, this series aims to simultaneously broaden the CC perception of incarceration issues and provide a platform for incarcerated writers. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office requires approval of written material prior to publication and the removal of authors’ last names.


Tell me, who are these so-called Black people? And what exactly is a white person? What nation do the Black people come from? Can you tell me the white peoples’ creed? I scratched the surface a few months ago by saying “there is no such thing as black or white people.” Race was a color scheme created for one group to seem superior and the other group to feel inferior.

The terms “Negro,” “Black,” and “colored”: these names were given to slaves by slaveholders in 1774 to take away the nationality of the Africans who were to become chattel.

“Negro” came from a black body of water in South Brazil called the Negro River that runs to the Uruguay River in central Uruguay. The term n*****, as we all know and hear, means a person of ignorance. Niggardly means stingy. Dating back to the darkness of Ham sin, the full meaning of the word “negro” actually means “need growth.”   “Black” means void of light, evil, dirty, depressing, and death. The word “colored” means something stained, varnished, or tarnished. I have never met a person from the country of Negro. I’ve yet to look upon the beauty of a woman from the Nation of Colored.

The term “white” means maximum of light, unsullied, or pure. A dictionary definition of white that I observed was “purity and god-like.” Obviously, these definitions of so-called white people and black people are far from the truth.   How can my grandmother’s birth certificate say “colored,” my mother’s birth certificate say “Black,” and mine say “African-American?” How can I be all three?

Africa is a continent with 55 countries and many different nations. A man from Mexico is of Mexican nationality, a family from the Ukraine is Ukrainian! To take away the nationality of the inhabitants and descendants of Africa is a crime against humanity. “What your ancient forefathers were, you are today without doubt or contradiction” wrote Abdul Noor. “There is no one who is able to change man from the descendant nature of his forefathers unless his power extends beyond the creator himself.”

When slavery was abolished in 1865, the slave names of Negro, Black, and colored were abolished with it. Why? Because blacks were not seen as actual people in that era, they were seen as property. It takes five fifths to equal one man. Blacks, negros etc. only equaled three-fifths of a man. What are the two-fifths that are missing? Their nationality and creed. The loss of nationality and creed was a loss of self.

It is important that we understand that any man or woman without a nationality is labeled as undesirable and cannot be recognized by the nations of the earth. This knowledge of self does not make up who you are as an individual overall. However, it is a foundation for one to build themselves upon. Whether you use that foundation of knowledge toward positivity or destruction is your choice.

North America is a great continent and the opportunity to succeed here is unmatched. We have the means in this country to do some great things in this world. If America’s good is to continue to grow as a family, then the nation must continue to seek out and shed light on truth. Truth may not be pretty; in fact, it can be downright ugly. But the truth is the light, and that lights makes the blind, deaf, and dumb able to see, hear, and speak.

The fact of the matter is, so-called African-Americans’ ancient forefathers’ nationality was not Black, Negro, or colored. Their creed was not Christianity, this creed was forced upon Africans when they became chattel.

So-called white people mostly come from European descent and immigrated to North America seeking better opportunities for their families. Many of them fled political and religious oppression.

My point is this: knowledge is power, which is awesome. At the same time, it can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. When we actually start to break down different races, nationalities, and cultures we find out we are more the same than we are different. This country has the diversity of many cultures and peoples who choose to come together and continue to build this nation called the United States.

We still have trials and tribulations that we go through with one another but we are striving! We continue to push forward toward progress and that, in truth, is a beautiful sight.

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