Incarcerated Writers Series: Terrifying Truths

This series features writing from inmates at the El Paso County Jail. The articles stem from weekly programming facilitated by the Colorado College Prison Project. Through contact between the CC community and Colorado Springs, this series aims to simultaneously broaden the CC perception of incarceration issues and provide a platform for incarcerated writers. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office requires approval of written material prior to publication and the removal of authors’ last names.


Is the money the motive or is it the current movement? What is the motivation for women to come forward and speak out? For so long, women have been the victims of silence and suffering. Suddenly, there has been a surge in disgruntled allegations, wheeled by their victims and anchored by movements such as #METOO. This has shed the light on unsafe workplaces, unethical affairs, sexual assaults, disrespect, and sexism at an all-time high. Yet many do not know whom to believe. Are these accusations false or are they simply truths finally exposed?

Many men feel that they are being targeted by “money hungry” accusers. Some men from the outside, simply looking in, do not want to be identified in relation with such heinous acts. As a result, many of them choose prejudice and protect their fellow gender. As any movement, there will be perpetrators with ulterior motives. Yet what do we say when our mother, sister, wife, aunt, or daughter are victims? Men who we hold to high esteem have flooded our television and the tabloids. Men who have been trusted with our kids, health, and future have terribly failed us. Was Harvey Weinstein the first to use his wealth and power to sexually assault and harass his subordinates? Is Larry Nassar the only pervert who manipulated parents to victimize their daughters? When there has been an entire organization revealed to have covered up for these crimes or over 260 victims in a single incident, how can it fall on deaf ears?

We all know this has been going on for way too long. It’s just the sad, bitter, and embarrassing truth that, as a country, we do not want to accept. Fortunately, now the ice has been broken and it is time for us to face the music. Women who have been victimized are being heard. Reports and allegations are being investigated, while sweeping them under the rug is a thing of the past. Our women have taken a stand and are meeting anger and denial with courage. Times have changed so much since the early 1900s when women first gained the right to vote through the 19th Amendment. Yet so much has remained the same!

We must accept that just as racist as this country still remains, it is also sexist. Derogatory comments made by a presidential candidate were overlooked. Music degrading our women is glorified and praised. Sex trafficking is at an all-time high. We have gradually stripped our women of their esteem, pride, and morals. It is time for us to hear their cries and nurture their wounds. Women are the building block of our society, yet here they are being treated as less-than. Without this outpour or this movement what would become of the women of our future? How do you recognize that this is a crisis, and something must be done about it? The #METOO movement is beyond a hope to be heard; it is the sad truths of our America. Lastly, these are only the reported incidents! Imagine all the women and little girls out there who do not have a mouthpiece and are still holding on to horror and hurt inside? Do not be blinded by the people acting like this is not an issue. America, we have a problem!

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