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Colorado College is pushing towards their goal of a carbon neutral campus with the planned installation of two more electric car charging ports. Currently, there is a single-unit ChargePoint located in south campus near the 3-D art studio and South Hall. Since its installment and first charging session in April 2013, it has provided 6.018 megawatts of energy and saved 2,528 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions. This has come from a total of 517 charges, which have also provided $1,058.24 of revenue.

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With the two new charging ports, the Office of Sustainability, in conjunction with the Campus Sustainability Council, hope not only to expand the campus network but also the national network of charging stations as a whole. This means that anyone can use them. Cory Page ’18 hopes that this will “encourage more CC students, faculty, and staff to bring electric cars to campus.” These charging stations are not intended for campus related vehicles only. However, by August 2018, all transportation in CC cars and buses will be offset by a fee-per-mile carbon tax.

The new charging ports will be in Lot C-1by Tutt Library, but the goal is to eventually transition spaces in all the campus lots to include the electric car charging stations. These ports were unveiled in a ribbon cutting ceremony Thursday afternoon as part of CC’s Earth Week.

“Campus Safety determined what spots were available and how we can slowly begin to transition spaces in all of our campus lots to include EV chargers,” Page explained. “With Campus Safety and other key players in Facilities, we devised a plan to install both public and internal EV [electric vehicle] charging stations over the coming years to boost our overall infrastructure. The internal chargers will be an added benefit that will be included in the purchase of a parking pass. We are currently sourcing options for the internal charging network that will hopefully operate on the CC Gold Card RFID system.” This, combined with the goal of adding charging stations each year, will help the school reach their goal of a net zero carbon footprint.

Page concluded that everyone can stay up to date on the project’s developments with the release of the State of Sustainability Report that will be posted on the Office of Sustainability’s webpage next month. While not many people currently drive electric cars, the availability of these charging ports will hopefully inspire the campus to invest in more sustainable actions as a whole.

Josie Kritter

Josie Kritter

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