Kaizen: Edge of a Dream

Incarcerated Writers Series

This series features writing from inmates at the El Paso County Jail. The articles stem from weekly programming facilitated by the Colorado College Prison Project. Through contact between the CC community and Colorado Springs, this series aims to simultaneously broaden the CC perception of incarceration issues and provide a platform for incarcerated writers. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office requires approval of written material prior to publication and the removal of authors’ last names.


Through time and existence, we experience many things and are posed a great number of questions, but whose answers are we giving? Indoctrination runs very deep, almost as if planted alongside the seed of our existence. We learn that, much like war, history is written by the winners. What is history other than a fable agreed upon by the winners?

Perhaps we are modeled to be the same and, as a result, others’ ideals are ingrained within us, and we are trained to become products of an environment based on dogmatic societal restraints. Thus, the endless war between right and wrong goes on spiraling through perceptions we have been taught. But what of our own ideals? As we consciously look through the debris of all the chaos around us, through our own perspective, we might find certain peace and begin to see the universe as one. The blade and the chalice created me, so to honor the mother and the father makes a universal sort of sense to me. Sweet and salty, good and bad, light and dark are all one thing with a little bit of gray.  Maybe that is what we will find if we are “allowed” to be ourselves. Once we unlearn the societal judgements and expectations of our indoctrinated programming, we can wipe the proverbial slate clean and work toward a future of truer freedom.

Insanity is defined as doing the same things the same ways while expecting to yield different results. The same problematic dogmas that lead our paths toward societal destruction continue to rage forward. Because of the perspective through which we are forced to see, we are unable to learn from the insanity of our past mistakes.

The future — our future — must be treated as the reward it truly is or can be. We must water our garden and work the soil for it to thrive. We are in dire need of achievable goals and a system that works. This cannot be done without a re-education of the masses in order to wake up and work toward our own Utopia. Are we to become euphoric and sit idly by, accepting our fate of awaiting different results? It is said that it takes a village to raise a child, but our society, our village, is divided and, thus, conquered. Whatever became of our pursuit of happiness? Let us wake up, grab the wheel, and steer! 

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